Sugar to Suga.Honey.Ice.Tea

Isn’t a trip how something like a relationship can go from the sweetest thing in the world to the bottom of the barrel, hell hole of a shit can.  It’s amazing how fast people feelings change because of current and past situations.  For example, having trust issues with your partner. This is one of the biggest barriers in relationships and always will be.  If there is no trust, then basically, there’s no relationship.  I know I might be sugar coating the title a bit, but hey I thought it fit because that’s how relationships are.  People tell you that they’ll never do this or that and low-n-behold the shit happens.  It’s crazy, it’s enough to drive a person to drink, like that’s really hard for me:).  However, for a change I have been through this before in my life, that’s why I have such feelings because I have been on both sides of the fence.  It’s a fact that what goes up, will most definitively come down.  I feel it’s up to the people involved to see if they can get through the tough times, but sometimes people just lose their freaking minds and do things to one another and ending killing all chances of getting the shit right, oops Sugar-Honey-Ice-Tea (For real tho, trying to stop cursing becasue I got family reading my blog and I think that’s maybe why I haven’t heard from some of them in a while….. LMAO!!!)  Anyway, yeah this is craziness, but I guess it’s the sign of times.

On another note, I been trying to get that creative thinking cap back on and I’ve decided to ummmmmm start a Web Design business by myself.  The thing is I’m not very artistic and I don’t have a laptop.  On the artistic part, a person has to have some type of artistic view or capability in order to design things, don’t ya think.  As for the laptop, I don’t like sitting at a desktop pc becuase I do that already all day M-F and this business will be part-time and I need to be on the go and be able to work where ever and when ever I want.  So, if you have received an email from me concerning a free MacBook Air, don’t trip, trying to get it for free.  BTW here it is, I think it will work and many people have said so.


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