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I Love My Droid!

Posted in Family n Friends, Religion, Technology on June 9, 2010 by bakerboi

Hello all, I know long time no hear. I’m obligated to give you an explanation to my whereabouts for the last month or two. You would not believe how busy I have been with my bday, the business, work, deaths in the family, robberies and kids graduating from high school, middle school and grade school. I’ve been a crazy man and it’s all coming to an end in a couple of weeks.

See, I told you it has been too much going in my life. I am thankful the Lord has blessed me with such beautiful family and friends. Without the Lord in my life I would not be making it today. So, anyway here’s what coming in the next day or two. I’m going to fill you in on all the above mention circumstances up to this point, but for right now I’m going to tell you how much I love my fully customizable Motorola Droid.

I have been playing with this thing all day now and I can’t put it down. I have rooted my droid, install OS updates android 2.2 and man this thing is a beast. I can begin to tell you the thing I can do with my droid, it’s unbelievable. Ok, well I will just not right now because I’m blogging from it right now and my thumbs are starting to hurt, lol. Later.



Posted in Technology with tags on February 3, 2010 by bakerboi


Ok,ok,ok…… I can now blog from my cell phone. I never thought I would be able to do that anytime soon, at least. Well, now it’s a reality and it’s on baby. Real spiffy if you ask me, only thing is that I haven’t firgure out how to use spellcheck yet, so bare with me all you English Professors out there, LMAO.

BTW, I took the picture, edited, uploaded and wrote this blog all on my moto droid, hella raw.

The Future According to Microsoft: DOPE

Posted in Technology on March 2, 2009 by bakerboi

Good Afternoon All,

How are we doing today?  I hope all is well in your neck of the woods and if you are on the East Coast I hope ya’lls keeping warm and enjoying a day off if you can afford it, real talk.  Check it out, I bet you are wondering why am I am writing in letter form, well I’m here to tell you guys about a new exciting video I will be sharing with you here shortly.  For all of my closes friend and family that know I’m a technology geek and I’m proud of it will understand my tone in this post.  This come by way of a blog I read all the time The Boy Genius Report and is it a dandy.  I get so excited about new tech stuff that I almost giz myself.  So check out the video and you will see why.  I just hope I”m here, hell for that matter that we are all here to see it.  Now, I wondering what’s Apple take on the future?  Hmmmmmmm!!!!!!

Building my first Website

Posted in Life, Relationships, Technology, Uncategorized on February 13, 2009 by bakerboi

OK, I had to write something about my experiences building my first website and all that has came with.  Let me first say this, building a website is one thing, but starting a business is a whole other thing.  Lets go back a for a second and refresh your memory.  Oh, say about 6-8 months ago I wrote a post about not being determined and motivated anymore and that I needed to find something to do with myself before I went crazy type of thing.  Well, since that time I have put a business plan together, found a niche that I know will be a great business, ran a testing poll with a control group (my friends and family, I just thought that sounded better), bought all the materials I would need in order to fulfill the process of my business and last but not least I learnt how to use about 4 different Apple application and website building programs.  And now, I am 80% done with my website that is based on eCommerce business model.  It’s been a long while, but it took me a long time to get information I needed in order to be where I’m at right now.  By no mean am I bragging about nothing, what I trying to get across to you is that with a little determination, motivation and prayer anything can be done, get done if you truly believe  it.  I have always wanted my own business and at the age of 23-24 my brother and I ran a small janitorial company that we had for about 2.5 years.  The only reason we stop was we were doing to much with very little help.  Hell, we had our friends and family working with us (I say with us because we were the one who had to work it out when no one else would) paying a good price for what they were doing.  At that age I thought that was the way to go, I mean we were making 6k-7k a month just working 5 hours a night.  Don’t get me wrong it was hard work, but it was our hard work.  It was our business to make successful or let fall by the waste side and at the end we were able to say we did both.  Successful in a way that we grew from 1 contract to about 6 contract in 6 months time and the failure by not keeping the business going when the company we were sub-contracting for went bankrupt.  I think we were both tired and had had enough of the business and of each other and everything associated with it.  In hindsight, I learned a lot and cherish the moments that was shared during that time with friend and family.  Every since then I have had the entrepreneur bug, always trying to find that one thing that I could do on my own, that I would love doing and do very well, and I finally found it.  I can’t stop thinking about it, I find myself saying it much more fun wen you do something for yourself.  Like if I were a web designer who worked for someone else, that wouldn’t be as much fun as me working for myself as a freelance web designer.

I said all that, to say this.  Just like every good business person here’s my segway to my website and the introduction will soon be coming.  I don’t want to give it away just yet.  Just stay tuned…….

Let me upgrade YOU!!!!!

Posted in Culture, Technology on February 14, 2008 by bakerboi

Well, I done finally did it.  I done move up like the Jefferson’s, I don’t have a kiddie cell anymore.  I’m a grown man now!  I finally broke down and got with the times, I purchased a Blackberry Curve from T-mobile and let me tell you it’s everything and more.  I’m the techie type anyway, so this cell, no wait calling it a cell doesn’t do it justice, this Super-Grown-Man-Personal-Assistant-Media-Player-Internet-Email and anything else you can think of device has it all.  It’s the next best thing since slice bread.  I have been spending days trying to figure out how all the bells and whistles work on it, I have been neglecting my kids, woman and friends.  I know that’s ashame,  but com’on give me a break I have a new toy.  Oh, wait I’m suppose to be grown.  I have a new device that gets me through my day and I luv it.  I am constantly connected to my email, text and internet whenever I want it (Unless there’s an outage like the one this week, when I just got the device and didn’t really know how to work it).  That would have pissed me off too, now I see why all those people were mad on the news.  My next thing is going to be an Iphone, which I think I also one of the coolest things ever made, but for the price and the monoploy Apple is trying to push out on the masses, I would just get it to hack and reverse engineer it so it will work on my network (World Domination).  I know getting to technical, sorry bout that I tend to do that sometimes.  any who, I mean Anyhow, (what black man do you know actually says any who?), I’m at a happy place right now, yeah maybe I signed my life away for the next 2 years, but hey what the hell, I’ll have coverage and internet along the way.


Posted in Culture, Life, Technology on June 19, 2007 by bakerboi

Boy, I tell you.  We learn something new everyday.  How many of us know the meaning behind the Juneteenth celebration?  Not many, myself included.  Well, let me give a little history lesson for all the unknowing people out there.  Juneteenth is the celebration of the end of slavery in the south, particularly Texas.  On June 19th 1865 Texas slaves were informed they have been freed.  You see Abraham Lincoln gave the Emancipation Proclamation on New Year’s Day 1863 during the American Cival War, but news of the freeing of slaves didn’t reach Texas until 2 years later.  From that point on the celebration of June 19 1865 has been known as Juneteenth.  It amazing how far we have come as a people and for that matter as humans.  How the world continues to change whether for good or bad we are moving forward constantly.  Just think how technology has changed everything from the way we communicate to the way we entertain ourselves.  We are now in a brave new world where anything can happen at any time.  The question is are we moving to fast and are to too eager for change to take place.  I some times wonder how fast we have evolved in the past 20 years and where we will be 20 years from now.   I hope with all the new technology, research and break through discoveries that we find cures and solutions for the world problems and make them affordable and accessible for the common people.  I hope we can stop being driven by greed and ensure our kids and grands kids futures, but I know it was not written like that.  I hate to say it, but our future looks bleak.  We seem to be ahead of the game, but in all actuality we are behind.  Pretty much like the slaves in Texas 1865.  With all that being said, know your past, embrace and cherish the present and prepare for the future because tomorrow isn’t promised to no one.  Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!