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I’m Thinking……

Posted in Culture, Family n Friends, Life, Politics, Rant n Rave on May 6, 2011 by bakerboi

It’s a lot going on in our world today and right now I’m thinking about so much. I have never stopped searching for truth and in that search I’ve found out so much I want to share with you all. I know many of you have stopped viewing my blog because of my absents, but that will change in a major way once you see my new vision for the blog. Please have patience and be ready to hear the “TRUTH BE TOLD”.


Bangin in Ipod, Deck and Dock….

Posted in Bangin in the tape deck!, Culture, Family n Friends, Hip Hop, Life, Music on September 29, 2010 by bakerboi

Hey, hey, hey.  What’s going on my people?  How have we been doing lately?  Well, I know it’s been a while since I last wrote or spoke about something.  I know, I know I’ve falling off, but with good reason.  This past summer was a busy one for me, I had family reunions, work and businesses all running and happening at the same time.  It was a lot to deal with, talking about breaking down and not wanting to move.  Well, that’s all over now and all parties involved had a wonderful time.

Man, family is not the only thing, it’s everything.  Everything we do is a reflection in some way, shape or form of family.  Family comes in all shapes and sizes, you don’t have to be related to people by blood for them to be your family, did you know that?  Look, God puts people in our life for reasons and seasons, some longer than others.  It’s best that we just enjoy this shit (JETS, Curren$y shit) and focus on the positives and block the negatives and deal with them as a family.  Sure, there’s always going to be drama, what family doesn’t have any?  However, what doesn’t break us, makes us stronger and the what better way to become stronger than with the ones you love and love you.  So whenever you have an opportunity to enjoy you family take it and let all the drama go and always rep them JETS (Just Enjoy This Shit).

Segway on to the main topic of this post as it relates to family.  What i’m bangin in my deck right now is some fresh new music from Novel.  He has a new free mixtape called Legato Blues Summer (I don’t know why it a free mixtape, I woulda paid top dollar for this) that is on topic and is some smooth, fresh and soulful sounds that makes you wanna dance, cry and rejoice.  He has some appearances on here that need no introduction:  Lauryn Hill, Jazza Phe, Smokey Robinson, Robin Thicke and  Chrisette Michele.  How much soul do you need?  This dude can sing, rap and produce.  He’s a mix of D’angelo, Smokey Robinson, Rakim, and Raphael Saadiq.  I’m telling you it’s on the one, jamming on the one, ja ja ja jamming on the one (who can tell me where that’s from, lol).  Here’s the link and I got some more, but I really got to listen to them before I give them love.

Novel- Legato Blues Summer

Free Mixtape, Pick It Up....

Once Again, Injustice Overshadows Justice

Posted in Culture, Family n Friends, Life, Politics, Rant n Rave on July 9, 2010 by bakerboi

Greetings all, today I will be embarking on a mission to make some type of sense of the verdict in the Johannes Mehserle case.  Here’s a little background on the situation.  On the early morning of January 1, 2009 there was a fight on the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train at the Fruitvale Station with a group of young men that was restraint by BART police who are legally allow to carried hand guns and tasers.  During this time, the BART police had gotten control of the situation and began the process of removing rowdy parties from the stations platform, all the while being video recorded from numerous passengers.  Meanwhile, an incident with a group on men and BART police broke out and the police again gained control by handcuffing bout 4-5 men  and sitting them on the platform of the station.  One of the men handcuffed was laid on his stomach and had a knee on his neck, his name was Oscar Grant.  No one really knows what lead to what happened next, but all we could tell from the video is that Officer Johannes Mehserle pulled out his BART issued semi-automatic weapon and shot Oscar Grant in the back while handcuffed and laying on his stomach.

Fast forward to July 8, 2010 and all the headlines read, Johannes Mehserle Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter!  Wow, the lesser of the verdicts the jury of his peers could have given him.  They totally removed Murder 1 and gave the jury 4 options: 2nd degree Murder (15-life), Voluntary Manslaughter (10-15), Involuntary Manslaughter (2-4) or acquittal.  I will try to make sense of it all and post the logical, illogical and my opinion about the whole situation today.

Logically, Johannes Mehserle was tried by a group of his peers.  What else did you expect?  I’m surprise they didn’t acquit him totally, but they really couldn’t because of the evidence video and material they had against him.  Involuntary Manslaughter carries a sentencing of 2-4 years, period.  So, logically speaking a person in their right minds could see justice not being served.  Logically.

Let’s keep this all the way real, folks.  In the history of minorities, especially African Americans in the Untied States of America how many times has justice been served?  To be truthful with you I don’t know of one time when there was an incident with a white cop and an African American, where the cop was at fault that there has been justice served, awarded and gave to us on a platter.  Not once in the history of the US.  If you can find something, please enlighten me and send me the links.  That makes me wonder if the shoe was on the other foot and Oscar Grant was a BART police and Johannes Mehserle was a passenger, what would that outcome be?  It’s only right for people to think this way because that’s the only other gauge we have.  Would Officer Grant have only gotten 2-4 years for killing a white passenger?

The other side is the illogical thinking that has gotten us to this point in the first place and that grabs logical thinking and turns it on the side, therefore making no sense whatsoever.  Rioting proves nothing except that there are ignorant people in this world who thinks violence and destruction solves anything.  It’s solves nothing, actually it makes things worse.  I truly believe the rioting back in 2009 affected the outcome of this trail because it forced the officials to move it to Los Angeles where there is a history of getting cops off on crimes against minorities.  Yeah, I said it.  Everyone knows how we think just like we know how they think and that’s why they were prepared for it this time around.  I never seen that many people trying to get out of Downtown Oakland so fast before in my life.  They knew if a verdict was not reached that was to the public’s liking all hell was going to be raised.

Come on, honestly did you think justice was going to be served?  You have got to remember whose justice we are talking about here.  We are talking about a corrupt man- made justice system that has had flaws since its first inception.  Yeah, yeah we have a black president, but what does that really mean?  Hell they are still dragging black folks down the road with chains around they’re necks.  Then people wonder why we riot and that’s because of all the frustrations build up, it seems like the right thing to do at the time.  When in all actuality it’s the wrong thing.  I hear people say “Oh, the police insight the riots ” and yes they are right, their smug asses sit there behind the shield of justice and look as if God granted them the authority over us mere mortals and that we ought to bow down at their feet and not look a them or challenge them when wrong.  But what type of people just sits back and allow injustice to take root in their society.  A people who have been victimize for so long that it’s really numb to all the injustices it has faced and only knows of one way to get any resolve and that’s to riot, loot, destroy and vandalize their own communities.  That’s right, tear up your own shit, that’ll show ‘em.  That will let them know we mean business.  Break into the Footlocker and steal shoes and clothes to burn in the trash cans, yeah that’s right.  That’s a great point to make.  See, that’s that ignorant thinking that will have us following and not leading.

In my honest opinion, justice has not been served.  No matter how you cut it, dice it or slice it a young man with a family was killed in cold blood and no ones is going to pay the full price of it.  The rioting damaged the trail because it was moved to a place where white police get off all the time for victimizing, killing and beating minorities at an alarming rate.  Let’s face it people we are living in a corrupt society where the chips are stack against us and we can’t win by tearing down our own communities.  That only proves to them that we are not ready to be heads of our communities and even if we did it wouldn’t be long before we’d run it in the ground.  We have got to start giving ourselves more credit than that, we have got to know when to challenge and when to back of and live.  Everyone has to know there place and that place is not always challenging the place of the MAN.  But knowing how to beat them at there own game, be smart about it.  Don’t be the fools and end up in prison or dead.  What can we take from this to better ourselves?  Talk to me…….

Side Note……

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Hey folks, how’s it been. Just dropping a line or two so everyone can see I’m still here in this peace. Riddle me this, why is it when you are different from others, people think your the lame one? When they are the lames for becoming victims to peer pressure.

Just because I don’t do the things you do, does not make you better than me or vice versa. You can’t alway judge a person because they don’t pertisipate is the same activities as the so-called in crowd.

I’ve always been one to take the road less traveled because why go down the road everyone else has and see the same shit when I can go my way see new things and have new adventures.

I talk, dress, walk, laugh, cry and dance they way I want to, not the way you want me to.

With that said, that L7 that you think I am, I’m really outside that box looking at you playing your boring little part inside the box.

Rest is Paradise My Brother.

Posted in Blogroll, Culture, Family n Friends, Life on February 26, 2010 by bakerboi

I don’t know how to start this blog out today, but I have been thinking about it for a couple of days now with a heavy heart. I lost someone who was dear and close to me last week and found out about his passing some days ago. Not from the neglect of friends and family, but from the neglect of our penal system. We have been let down on so many levels that I really don’t know where to start because it’s a cloud of smoke and a ball of confusion they will give you.
With all that said, let me tell you about my friend Teddy. He and I have been friends almost 20+ years and through that time we have experienced good times, bad times and in between times. I mean we both saw the births of our first born, we both ran the streets together, we both grew into adulthood together. However, it wouldn’t be right if I kept saying “WE” because it wasn’t just us, we were deep. Back in the day, oh say early 90’s in West Oakland was a close knit family that did hella things together. I mean there was funkin (slang for fighting) with each other and it got deep every now and again, but we didn’t have gangs. No, no, no we left that to Southern Cali. We turf’d, we had a specific areas that we called our own and we rep it (represented) like we owned it. Little did we know back then what the real meaning of ownership was. Anyhow, when I say we were the block, we had it sown up and the orginals g’s (yall know who ya are) where the ones who welcome me in and Teddy was one of them. I mean we were young, dumb and wanted money and wanted it fast. So we did what any young black male did to get money fast. We rolled like rush baby and did it well. I know, I know you have never thought, right. Well, like the saying goes, don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover. Sure we all had dreams and goals, but at that time nothing else mattered. Nothing, but getting money. So that’s what we did and did it well.
During that time I found out what the true meaning of life was all about, the have’s and have not’s. You talking about eternal fire seeing all these people around you burning with in their vices. Sure we had what we wanted and sometimes even took what we wanted, but during that time a lot of us paid the price for it and for the ones who got to live to see another day we are still burning because of the memories that have been etched in our heads. That’s all we got now, time has come and passed, the new bucks are on the block now and one of he original’s have gone on passed away in peace.
Nevertheless, the things I take from that era is the learning experiences from that block and from my friend, the Skinny Kidd. Get money, don’t let money get you is what he’d say. I truly believe he was ahead of his time because he knew that what we were doing was not the end all to be all. He had a dream and he turn it into a vision that he made possible and everyone enjoyed what he did. He was like the pied piper leading the way. Throwing boat parties, linen parties, concerts, clothing line and most of all block parties. OHHHHHHH, the block party was the best time I ever had in my young life and that’s when everyone was still here to enjoy it. Mostly everyone was still here to see what the block could do. So to make a long story short and put everything in one sentence Skinny Kidd was the block and the block was he. I have no regrets on that and that’s all I have to say. Except, I dedicated my header to the late Teddy James, R.I.P. my nicca and my prayers go out to the James Family (mom and Kade) PEACE!

1st Month of Twenty-Ten

Posted in Life, Music on February 1, 2010 by bakerboi

Hello all, how is it going for you?  For me, it’s going really, really fast.  I mean it seems like it was just October 2009 and 4 months later we in the 2nd month of 2010.  Is it me or is time really starting to move extra quick?  What is going on, it’s like we’re speeding up to something big.  I truly believe we are living in amazing times and are privileged to see amazing wonders, but at what cost. Who’s losing and winning, is there a game being played here.  Who are the teams?  How did they get there?  What am I doing, am I the only one who notices this?  It’s like watching the Super Bowl and not knowing whose playing.  I’m at a lost for words, I just don’t know anymore.  I’m going to pray on it.

Oh and BTW, Pink killed her Grammy performance.  There’s nothing else to say, she actually just made a new fan because I didn’t really care all that much for her, but that performance was excellent.

Giving Back to Your Community…

Posted in Culture, Family n Friends, Life, Rant n Rave on January 13, 2010 by bakerboi

First off, I me say a prayer to the families in Haiti.  The poorest people always get the raw deal.  May the Lord have mercy on everyone.

Now for today’s topic, how can we give back to a community that has taken so much from us?  I was on Jermaine Dupree’s blog and he has a section called talk to me where he ask his readers questions.  Well, today it seems he’s in my neck of the woods in Northern California, Richmond to be exact and he was playing Xbox or something with some people from Richmond and they started talking about all the violence and crimes going on out here and in the Bay period.  So you know me, being who I am I had to put my quarter waters worth in and explained that it’s not just one thing that adding to the violence, it’s a combination of many.  I said the circumstances of today are the result of choices made yesterday.  Meaning, this is the result from broken homes, less than equally education, crime, violence and the WAR ON DRUGS of the 80’s and 90’s.  The crack babies are all grown up now and are more dysfunctional than we were because the chips are stacked against them from the get go.

Take me for instance, I grew up in the Oakland, Ca from the age of 12 and stayed until I was 25.  I came from a broken home, had a mother who was on drugs, went to schools with an educational system that was below average, but was all we had.  Sure, I fell victim to peer pressure during my teenage years.  I did things I should not have done and got away with some, but not with all.  One thing about my moms was that she might have done her thing, but when it came to raising her two sons she did not play.  Respect and education was HUGE to her and if any of those thing where not met, it was hell to pay and that’s why I spent my whole 7th grade year on punishment and getting ass whippings.  However, after that I was on point because I figured it out or should I say I figured her out.  I got a lot of leeway when I started bring home those 3.0 and above, boy I was never home, always in the street or at my boys house.

See, the point I’m trying to make is that she cared.  She cared enough to put the fear of the Lord in my butt.  See, there’s no one to care for these kids out here because they are too for gone and can’t be reached without a group or community effort.  So, how can we give back to a community that has taken so much from us?  We can’t, we just have to build another community from scratch or something because the shell that was once my community wasn’t all that great in the first place.  Back then that was the beginning of the end and today is the result and things are 100 times worst on so many levels that trying to fix it will be a losing effort because that’s what many have tried before.  We have to come anew, we have to pick up the dice and roll again because fixing something that’s shattered is crazy.  What can we do, how can we take our communities back?  Where does it start?  Who takes the first stand?  I don’t know, but something has to be done because we are losing and it has nothing to do with race, we all are losing some more than others.  Holla Back!