Rest is Paradise My Brother.

I don’t know how to start this blog out today, but I have been thinking about it for a couple of days now with a heavy heart. I lost someone who was dear and close to me last week and found out about his passing some days ago. Not from the neglect of friends and family, but from the neglect of our penal system. We have been let down on so many levels that I really don’t know where to start because it’s a cloud of smoke and a ball of confusion they will give you.
With all that said, let me tell you about my friend Teddy. He and I have been friends almost 20+ years and through that time we have experienced good times, bad times and in between times. I mean we both saw the births of our first born, we both ran the streets together, we both grew into adulthood together. However, it wouldn’t be right if I kept saying “WE” because it wasn’t just us, we were deep. Back in the day, oh say early 90’s in West Oakland was a close knit family that did hella things together. I mean there was funkin (slang for fighting) with each other and it got deep every now and again, but we didn’t have gangs. No, no, no we left that to Southern Cali. We turf’d, we had a specific areas that we called our own and we rep it (represented) like we owned it. Little did we know back then what the real meaning of ownership was. Anyhow, when I say we were the block, we had it sown up and the orginals g’s (yall know who ya are) where the ones who welcome me in and Teddy was one of them. I mean we were young, dumb and wanted money and wanted it fast. So we did what any young black male did to get money fast. We rolled like rush baby and did it well. I know, I know you have never thought, right. Well, like the saying goes, don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover. Sure we all had dreams and goals, but at that time nothing else mattered. Nothing, but getting money. So that’s what we did and did it well.
During that time I found out what the true meaning of life was all about, the have’s and have not’s. You talking about eternal fire seeing all these people around you burning with in their vices. Sure we had what we wanted and sometimes even took what we wanted, but during that time a lot of us paid the price for it and for the ones who got to live to see another day we are still burning because of the memories that have been etched in our heads. That’s all we got now, time has come and passed, the new bucks are on the block now and one of he original’s have gone on passed away in peace.
Nevertheless, the things I take from that era is the learning experiences from that block and from my friend, the Skinny Kidd. Get money, don’t let money get you is what he’d say. I truly believe he was ahead of his time because he knew that what we were doing was not the end all to be all. He had a dream and he turn it into a vision that he made possible and everyone enjoyed what he did. He was like the pied piper leading the way. Throwing boat parties, linen parties, concerts, clothing line and most of all block parties. OHHHHHHH, the block party was the best time I ever had in my young life and that’s when everyone was still here to enjoy it. Mostly everyone was still here to see what the block could do. So to make a long story short and put everything in one sentence Skinny Kidd was the block and the block was he. I have no regrets on that and that’s all I have to say. Except, I dedicated my header to the late Teddy James, R.I.P. my nicca and my prayers go out to the James Family (mom and Kade) PEACE!


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  2. Wow……very well expressed. Thanks for sharing. Teddy will be missed by so many people… he is standing on pure gold pavement, smiling down on us right now……and the Lord has spoken to him with the words, “Well Done my Son!” Peace Be Still! RIP Teddy James!

    • Thanks Latriese for reading my blog. As you can see Teddy that was my boy. I hella miss him right now even tho I haven’t seen him in hella years, we always wrote and talked on the phone when we could. He will be greatly missed.

    • Thanks Latriese for reading my blog. As you can see Teddy that was my boy. I hella miss him right now even tho I haven’t seen him in hella years, we always wrote and talked on the phone when we could. He will be greatly missed.

  3. Michelle W. Says:

    Although he has moved on to a better place, I am happy that you guys shared time and space with each other. From what I can see you guys had a great friendship and he added something to the man that you have become. Take solace in knowing that he will always be with you in spirit. I will keep you in my prayers…Be blessed-

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