Bangin in the Trunk


I am listening to a new mixtape called Laura’s Tape (Mixed by DJ kingmost) by donwill (of tanya morgan). I must say it’s a refreshing and innovative concept mixtape. Sometime I wish I could buy some of this material I’ve been blessed to hear.

Oh yeah, I knew there was something I wanted to tell ya, last Thursday I was amazed and blessed to see Mos Def and my all time favorite Jay Electronica at The New Parish in Oakland, Ca. It was one of the best shows ever. Intimate, fresh and eye opening. There’s a whole different world out there where people feel real Hip Hop music as fans. I was inspired and felt some hope for my music, our music, our Hip Hop. I spoke with Jay Elect and I couldn’t really tell you what was said, but I came away him being a real humble dude. I do remember me telling him during my alcohol induce introduction, that with all the music he’s done for free that I felt like I owe him something and he was like “no, no I owe you, I owe y’all (while pointing to the crowd, when Mos was performing)”. That’s a true artist or maybe he was just saying that to get me out his face. Either way, I’m good and confident in my choice of music and artist to give my time and money too.

Now back to my music post, Laura’s Tape is a very good concept mixtape and it pulls it off because it integrates original music with popular music from the likes of Ray Ray and Omarion, it’s basically a broken heart, I’m in love and I hate you roller coaster ride. It’s great.

Here are of a couple more mixtapes I got and really, really I dig.
Joell Ortiz and Novel’s Defying the Predictable, which is a classic. It’s more on the R & B tip, but it works because Joell is a beast and Novel can really freaking sing. Curren$y, well what can I say. He never disappoints and you will not be with his latest Smokee Robinson. Classic joints, reefer joints, old school Chevy’s, good times and females. Get it, got it, good. Step your music game up.




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