Hypocritical America…

I was reading an article on the disappearance of a child in Florida, here’s the link.


When something tragic as this happens it is to be taking seriously and as normally I would read the comments.  Well, today I was reading the comments on the article and I noticed something, there were only 17 comments about the article.  I said to myself somethings not right because if this was an article talking about some black teenager getting shot to death, someone of ethnicity getting killed, or someone getting robbed and even for that matter a dog being tortured and kill there would have been 500-1000 comment on the subject matter.

So it got me to thinking about how as a society we allow double-standards in the way we view certain things.  Take the article above, now a child has been taken.  It could have been my child, your child or a friend’s child.  So let me ask you this where the lynch mob, where’s the people yelling and screaming for someone’s neck.  According to the article there are 75 sex offenders in a 5 mile radius around the little girl house that they say authorities have checked out or are in the process of checking out.  How come the community hasn’t already done that?  Well, the reason in a nut shell is that we as American’s are complacent and fickle in what we believe, which in turn makes us hypocrites in our beliefs and values as a society.

Now tell me how a can child go missing and all it gets is a headline here, a blurp on a news station, but let someone famous do something say like ummmm…. dog fighting and all hell breaks loose.  All the media’s attention from beginning to end, full coverage non-stop.  There are children who go missing everyday, but that’s not big news, right.

I did a blog about this type of thing before where I spoke about how we as American want to be entertained and not taught.  If I do a blog about something informational, that’s teaching my reader’s something, I will get a decent response.  However, when I do a blog where I’m showing my ass and clowning or talking about sex, relationship or anything entertaining the responses are numerous.  Why is that?  Why is it I can tell you to check out a good book that will teach you something and you will let it roll by the waist side, but if I say go pick up a CD or check out a blog talking about bullshit we will rush to that.  I think it’s because we have been “dumbed-down”.  We say one thing and then do another, we don’t know if we are coming or going.

When did we become so complacent and fickle, it was a time here in America that we the people didn’t stand for none it, we march, protested and boycotted everything in the ’60’s and ’70’s.  Did we get everything we were fighting for back in those days?  Civil rights, even though it’s better than it was back then, hell African Americans are still getting lynched, shot by off duty cops, drugged down the streets by pick up trucks.  Women Independence, well yeah women have a lot of rights, but they still are getting the short end of the stick.  The glass ceiling is right there, only thing is they can’t see it because it’s being cleaned everyday.  Oh Vietnam War, yeah that’s over and we spat on out vets that came back alive and it took 30 plus years to fully give them medical and financial coverage they need because of the war, hell most of them are living on the street right now as we speak.  OH, I’ll tell you what happen they flooded the country with heroin, cocaine and anything else they could to distract us from revolution.  To keep this thing they have here on a steady course, they drugged America and made us  so high to the point where we don’t have any more fight left in us.

Well, that’s all I have for now, but let me leave you with this.  I was watching “Sicko” by Michael Moore and he was interviewing a retired Parliament judge that said and I quote “The reason why we have free medical insurance here in France is because we will fight and protest until we get it, the government is scared of the people.  In America, the people is scared of the government”  When did that happen?


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