Loyalty vs. Logic

Never give people control over you!

Never give people control over you!

Hey my people, hey my people.  Long time and I want to apologize for that, a lot has been going on in my life.  Ok, so let’s jump right into the subject Loyalty vs. Logic.  I posed this question to my Facebook friends over the weekend concerning their favorite football teams and the response was something you should expect, especial from die hard, live hard Raider fans.  However, I want to pose the same question to you, but in a different light.

We can all associate loyalty and logic with anything in our lives and your favorite football team on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, depending on who you’re talking to,  should not come anywhere close to 10.  OK, but in the grand scheme of things loyalty and logic are on the same level of importance with concerns to ones life, right.  For example, let’s say there’s a situation where your best friend is loyal to you, but is always getting not only himself in trouble, but you as well.  So how far does loyalty goes in that situation before it’s more logical for you to intervene and try to help or move out the way.  I guess what the question is this, how much hurt do you take before you say enough is enough and either we going to drown together on this ship or I’m jumping off this ride because I’m not willing to take it with you.

For me, I look at what has happened in the past and judge how things will go in the future.  I look back and see the things that took place and try to be loyal to that, in that instance.  Not adding to or taking anything away from that moment because it becomes not genuine and tainted.  However, as thing begin to build up and I’m keeping trying to get my point across more and more, the more it seems I’m talking to a brick wall and they are happy with their lives and I’m the one stressing over a happy person situation.  So that’s when I say PEACE, if you like it, I love it.  The reason being is because we can’t live our lives for other grown ass people who are doing what they want to do.  WE can only live our lives for our children and us and the Lord.  Period.  It is not logical to let yourself drown in someone elses happiness, meaning if they are happy being a drug addict, let them be the best drug addict they can be.  If they are happy being a hoe, let them be the best hoe they can be and don’t beat yourself up about because it’s their life.  It’s what they want to do, after you have done everything for them as your wife, husband, friend, uncle, aunt, cousin whoever, whatever.  You can try to talk to them to see the big picture all you want, but in the end know that they are there because they want to be and you can’t change a person outlook on things unless they want to change themselves.  I can’t sit back and beat myself up because I can’t make someone love me or love themselves.  Either love it or leave it alone.  And that’s when it’s becomes only logic for you to remove yourself from the situation, whatever it is.  The question is how much do you take before logic kicks you in the ass?  I guess it depends on how much you really truly love that person and it doesn’t mean you stop loving them, you stop loving them more than you love yourself.  Oh well, only time will tell and until we get a call from logic, I guess we all will be playing the fool.


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