Raw, Throw-back Footage of the GodFather, The King of Pop and the Artist

The King of Pop and the Artist

The King of Pop and the Artist

Hey my people, I was visiting my favorite blog (Bossip.com) today and I came across some footage that I didn’t even knew existed.  Here we have the Godfather of Soul introducing the then Young Prince of Pop, who then introduces the The Artist.  These three icons has shaped the last 50-60+ years of music and defined what an Entertainer should be.  It’s crazy to see how young they were and how much raw talent and energy they all were given out.  Like always, Michael was being Michael when he told James Brown to bring out Prince after he did he thing on the stage.  Always commanding the spotlight, but reflecting the shine to others.  Wow, is all I have to say to that.  When MJ starting singing, OMG that was the best it brought back so many thoughts.  That boy was talented, he was a mix of Marvin Gaye and James Brown, but do you know what had me rolling was when Prince was on dude back coming to the stage and threw his glove into the audience and someone threw it back.  Then, only in Prince nasty ass fashion took his jacket off and start doing his James Brown freak shit.  OMG, I damn near screamed because he was dead serious and you couldn’t tell him nothing.  Then at the end when he was walking off the stage he swung off the stage with the prop and damn near broke his neck and took someone’s head off in the crowd.  Classic material right here, LMAO.  Check it out.

How many time did Michael spin around?


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