Fashionably Catholic… (Crickets)

150px-Rosary_2006-01-16imagesWhoa Nelly, how are my TbTer’s (Truth Be Told family), yeah I just made that up.  I’m creative like that.  Hell, JD got Lifer’s (and yes, I’m one).  See, it doesn’t take much to become one, you just got to accept it and roll with it.  Like for instance Lifer’s and TbTer’s, these are not clubs per se , but more like ummmmm labels if you will.  You don’t go around screaming in public “Yo, I’m a TbT’er”, unless you could redeem some type of coupon and get you some free ice cream or something.  Would you?  If so let me know I can put something together because I always want to get more readers and make them into TbTer’s, sweet.

Anyway, back to the moral to this post, is it me or are there a large amount of people who are now Catholic.  I mean, I see tons of entertainers and athletes rocking Rosary beads chains with ice out crosses or rosary chain tattoo’s on their neck, arms, hand and feet.  This is what I call being Fashionable Catholic, it’s the 2009 version of the Kafeyah Scarf.  Dont’ get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with your religious preference, just as long as you believe in something greater than yourself, you cool with me.

However, what I do have a problem with is using certain aspects of one religion as a fashion statement and not knowing what’s the truth meaning of the piece as a whole as it relates to the religion.  It’s like the Star of David is in style now and you would see Muslims rocking it hard like it’s what they are suppose to do.  No, not acceptable, when will the line be drawn?  When will enough be enough, tends are coming back around now after 20 years with some little changes, but this is not it.  I remember rocking a Benz symbol back in the day and that was cool because not only did you steal the emblem, you had the nerve to rock it with a chain.  So hard.  Rocking Rosary Beads are not cool, millions of people take that religion very serious, just like other people do with all the other religions of the world.

I can’t front tho, the scarf and the beads do look cool, but does that mean I have to represent something that I’m not or disrespect my own religion by crossing over?  I think that’s the problem in a nutshell, people are not as spiritual or religion like they use to be, it seems now-a-day it’s all about getting yours and not really deciding or declaring what religion or spiritual road your are taking.  And that’s cool for you, but how is it going to be 50 years from now?  Will the line be drawn or will there not be a line on what’s acceptable and anything goes?  I think we’re headed for a different time and there’s a change going on.  More and more people are becoming open to what they once deemed to be against and accepting what was once out of the norm.  Is that good or bad?  I guess it depends on who you ask.


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