Too Much Going On!


Long time no see or is it no write.  Whatever, these past couple of days has been a trying time with the death of MJ and the apparent murder-suicide of Steve McNair and his jump off.  I am truly at a loss of words concerning the Steve McNair thing.  I really like dude as a player because he played his heart out every Sunday and left it on the field at all time.  Didn’t matter if he was hurt or not, he gave his all.  I wish I could say the same for him being a human being.  I’m not here to judge him because he’s not here to defend himself and I hate when blogs and other websites do that.  However, I will say the real victims here are the 4 sons and wife he left behind.

OK, let’s keep it all the way real.  This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time someone with fame and fortune cheats on their family with a mistress, secrete lover, jump off.  Men have been doing this for centuries and women may have been doing it longer and just never got caught.  Come on men, we keeping it all the way real, right.  Women are so much better at cheating because they know how to hide their intentions and cover their emotions and they are very careful in covering their tracks.  Hell, we as men wouldn’t never find out unless she wanted us to or we simple caught her out of pocket.  They’re good, real good.

Although, the above statements are true, but what happen during the lead up to and after is tragic enough and the end result is what happens when people play with other people emotions.  You can’t go around having people believe one thing and it turns out to be another.  We all are emotional people and that’s doesn’t justify what happen on the 4th of July in the McNair case, but hell people have been killed for a lot less.  If you are going to step out on your family make sure the person your stepping out with understands your situation so there won’t be any confusion later on down the line and the person is able to make a informed choice on weather to mess with your cheating ass or not.  That way, when 5 months down the line it comes out that your not getting a divorce or that your going to work it out with your family, it won’t come as a surprise and that person doesn’t want to blow your damn head off because they always knew it was a possibility you would do just that.  You can’t lead people on thinking you are giving them the world and end up giving them the shaft (pun intended).

We all have made mistakes in our lives, but no matter how big the mistake is, a person should not have to pay with their lives being taken and their loved ones paying a very heavy price down the road.  We never know what other people intention are, but we have to understand that we never truly know peoples motives and have to be careful who we let into our lives and be really careful on how we treat people, all the way around.


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