The Man Who Almost Crashed the Internet…

Michael Jackson then and now

Michael Jackson then and now

It is a very sad day for a huge group of people spanning across the global.  The death of Michael Jackson on June 25th, 2009 was unexpected and very tragic to say the least.  For those of you who read my blog regularly know that I did a piece on MJ and his family issue about a month ago.  Well, I’m here to say that in hind site I don’t regret what was was because it was the truth, but it never occurred to me that he wouldn’t be here for me to write another story about him like that.  I never thought I would be writing about his death a month down the road.  It’s unexplainable how I feel right now, on my Facebook page I wrote “Wow! I feel feel sad for MJ the man, not the celebrity. The price of fame and fortune is really, really great. It’s almost like the price of freedom by any means necessary we will work ourselves into the grave. R.I.P Mike your songs will live forever.”  I just wish it didn’t happen this way, I mean I never really thought MJ would live to get old and gray, but to go out like other legend’s of his time Elvis, Jimmy, and John B. would be a damn shame.

I really hope that MJ didn’t go out over a drug overdose that’s, let me ask ya’ll this:  If MJ dies from a drug overdose would that make his legend become even more than what it is already or would it put a permanent crease and wrinkle (no pun intended) on his legacy?  For me, it would damper my opinion for the simple fact of what the man meant to everyone.  His was a global figure, a role model of sorts, people looked up to him as the end-all-to-be-all in the entertainment world.  A drug overdose would send the wrong message like it’s cool to take drug and pop pills because MJ did it, Anna Nicole Smith did it, Pimp C did it, Elvis did it, Jimmy Hendrix did it  and it seems that all the people who make it in the entertainment business is on some type of drugs.  Don’t manner the kind, everyone is getting down on that illegal and legal substances and that’s not cool.  It’s sending the wrong message to our youth, wouldn’t you agree.

Anyhow, let me get to the title of this blog and the reason for me writing, let me ask you a question.  How many people does it take to crash the Internet?  One, and his name is Michael Jackson.  MJ did in death what no one could do living and damn near brought down the Internet world-wide.  Here’s the article from  Ok, well he almost took down the Internet, but that only leads to my position on how much he influence people around the world.  Also, did you know that in MJ’s lifetime that he sold 750 million records world-wide.  Can you imagine that, gold is 500k sold, platinum is a million record sold and diamond is 10 million sold.  He’s ass went Diamond 75 times.  Wow!!!!!  Can you by that?  Hell naw.


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  1. Good post! My feelings on MJ’s passing is; I’m sad for Michael the person, human being and father, but the celebrity MJ allowed himself to have too much negative exposure to a class and society of people that would like for nothing else but to have taken him out. In his adult life he emulated the very same people that took him out. I realize that the reports say he died of cardiac-arrest, but I believe that dealing with the last 10+ years of false molestation accusations, character assassination attempts, lawsuits, etc etc his heart, mind and body just couldn’t take it any more. Realize this, all of those negative, impactful life experiences I just mentioned were predicated by “them same folks that he tried to emulate, color his skin like, appear to look like and want to be like” all of his adult life. Now honestly, do you believe them folks didn’t have any type of jealousy and resentment towards Michael, the person who their kids adored more than their own parents. Those parents, as wealthy as they were and as much as they gave their kids, didn’t have the affect that Michael had on those kids. That’s heart-breaking for parents. So, instead of fighting the inevitable, they played along with it allowing their kids to go visit Michael, paying hella money or talking to who they need to talk to (bribe) to get their kids to the Neverland Ranch. That’s the most the parents could do. As soon as they seen an opportunity to exploit the situation, bring MJ down and tear apart his character in front of the world but more importantly their children, they took that opportunity every time. That’s what happened to Michael. A commentator said it best, “Michael had people that would shield him from bad things, but never had people that protected him from bad things. People who shield someone, do it as a responsibility-people who protect, do it out of love and compassion.”

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