If the King is a Monkey, What Does that Make YOU?

If the King is a Monkey, then what are you?

If the King is a Monkey, then what are you?

Greetings all, how are we today.  I thought summer was on it’s way here in the Bay, but it took a quick left and skipped town.  Anyway, let me tell you a story right quick.  I was on the Bart (Bay Area Rapid Transit) today, you know that place where killer cops prey on the passengers.  Yeah, that’s the one and I was getting off the Bart walking my normal route when something caught the corner of my eye.  I glance at it because I’m moving on the escalator and had to step back and get a good look.  To my surprise (not really because it’s the norm, I mean it’s been going on for hundred’s of years) there was a sticker placed in black and white that had the resemblance of  President Obama looking like a character from the Planet of the Apes and it read in big white letters “OBAMA 08”.  Not only that, people are so disrespectful that last week  a Senator said the First Lady was a descendant of orangutans.  WOW! A senator said that about his First Lady.  I wonder what would have happened if Mrs. Bush got called something so despicable (they would have had his ass in a sling).

So, this got me to thinking on my way to work today about just how much people are ignorant because of course that is the norm and white people have been calling blacks monkeys and apes for eons, but let’s think about this for a minute.  If the King of a land is a monkey, then what does that make the people of the land?

I think I have just came to the realization that we have a very, very long way to go in our country dealing with thing big ugly thorn in America’s side called racism.  It is the core, the foundation and the fundamental existence of our country and it’s going to take more that just electing a black President to over come the cold grip it has on our society.  Now, if we were to have called President Bush a white-bread-chicken-shit-mother-fucking-honkey (and as I spell “honkey”, my spell-check tells me that word doesn’t exist,but when I spell “nigga” my spell-check corrects me with “nigger”, LMAO) would have been made public, if a Senator of the House of Representatives stood up in the Grand Hall and said that shit, they would have hung that fool.  Am I lying, that’s why my blog is called “Truth Be Told”.  Think about that shit for a moment.  Peace.


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