Family Thing!!!!!

OK, here’s the thing.  You guys know from time to time I put underground mixtapes and artist on blast, showing them love and what not.  However, I do got a couple of mixtapes I want to put out there that I’m listening to right now, but because it’s a FAMILY THING, those go on the back burner.

For those of you that know and for some that don’t here it is.  My little brother is an up and coming artist (Big El) out of Dayton, Oh by way of Oakland, Ca and he has been into music for a minute now and he is beginning to hone his craft and is getting very good at it.  The dude is a big ass ball of energy, always has been (even without candy).  Just plain ass hyped, reminds me of how Pac use to be.  Now don’t get me wrong, not placing up there with Pac (not just yet, anyways), but as far as energy goes he would give him a run  for his money.  I raise my brother since he was born and finished it off when I kicked his ass out my house at the age of 18.  We have been through a lot while we were both coming up and it was always a family thing with us.  We always got each other backs and look out for each other.

Which brings me to this, for this to be his first video it is really rough, raw and gritty.  It’s called using what you have to get what you want and you can take that to so many levels.  We were raised to keep it moving and don’t be stagnated in one place and most of all keep your head up through all the pain and the pleasure and enjoy life as it comes.  I have to say this video makes me very happy that he is trying really hard to do something with his life and he is actively pursuing his dreams on whatever level he can.  That’s how we are, we do us.  Always have, but that also comes at a price.  I always told him to always chase your dreams, but don’t ever lose your vision in those dreams.  We all got to work and live and in order to do that you have to work very hard to get the things you really want out of life.  And he has done that, a couple of years back he told me “Bra, thanks for kicking my ass out the house back in the day.  That’s really help me get my shit together”.  From that moment on I not only look at him as my brother, but as a grown ass man.  Stay up bra and keep doing you. Stay focus, kiss my loves one for me and give them my love.  Checking out yall.


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