Paying a Debt to Society… (Pause)

My Debt

Well, hello there my people.  How are we on this fine gloomy day.  I just got one question for you all today, why is it called paying your debt to society when you successfully complete a prison sentence when the fact of the matter is you will never actually, really, all the way pay that debt back completely.  That’s why probation and parole was created, duhhhhh.  Let’s not be fooled people, we want to think in a perfect world that if a crime is committed and the time has been severed that people would be able to move on, but that’s not reality, that’s American society.  If the time fits the crime and everyone was satisfied with the verdict, why is it we still ostracize the recently released for there crimes.  If they have paid a debt to society, shouldn’t we the society move on and not hold on to what was done in the past.

It’s like buying a house on a 30 year mortgage and on your last payment of the 30th year (provided you didn’t re-finance too many times) your bank tells you, “The house is your free and clear, but you still got to pay a monthly fee for services we provided you during your mortgage.”  Now, wouldn’t that be a kick in the ass.  Wouldn’t that just piss you off, wouldn’t you feel helpless.  Well, that’s how this whole paying this so-called debt to society works.  If you do a crime, serve your time you still have been labeled a criminal and the way society works today, 9 times out of 10 you will end up doing the same crime again because you can’t make a living because of your criminal background.  So, in all actuality you continue to pay your debt to society by becoming a slave to it and keeping the cycle going.  I know, I’ve seen it done.  And the one thing you don’t want to do is become a felon, boyyy are your screwed for live.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that ‘WE’ as a SOCIETY don’t really believe people can change because if we did we could forgive, but never forget.


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