Where the Heart is? In San Francisco.

Hey my peoples, how are we doing this fine day.  I’m doing good for no other reason than I’m almost finished with a full week.  Meaning, I worked from Monday-Friday 9.5 hours a day for the first week in about 1 week.  Back to the grind, baby.  Anyway, I’m also feeling myself because I finally have a feel good story of sorts.  And here it goes:  I work in the City, for those of you who don’t know what the City is, it’s SF and it’s great.  I love working out here and I’m blessed to be able to have a job and working period.  With that being said, everyone knows we are having terrible times not only here in Cali, but everywhere and it’s not unusual to see homeless people amongst us, dealing or not dealing with their situations.  Well, as I come into work and leave to go home everyday I see a guy with a shoe shine booth on the corner, everyday.  Ok, so I never wear shoes that needs a shining, but I admire him for getting his hustle on and doing what he can do for whoever or whatever he’s doing it for (did that make sense?).  Anyhow, come to find out as I’m reading my daily newspaper on the web…. well I let you read it for yourself.  Check out these two links:

SF Scuffs Dream of Homeless Shoeshiner

and then this:

Shoeshine Man Catches a Break

Now if that deosn’t make you feel good about people as a whole and what we can do to help each other I don’t know what to tell your harden heart, but I will make sure I pray for you.  LOL.  No for real, I will be sure to get some of his services one day maybe have him shine up a pair of my Airforce One’s or something.  The coolest thing about it all is that he doesn’t want hand outs, he wants to work for what he gets.  He was just so overwhelmed by people just giving him money that hell, why wouldn’t he accept it.  Let’s get it together people, things are bad and we have a tough time ahead of us, but if we stick together and try to work together through our differences, I think we will be better for it.  All we have to do is try….. Peace.


One Response to “Where the Heart is? In San Francisco.”

  1. Sexylilmomma52 Says:

    TISSUE TITO!!!!!! OMG! What an inspiration!! Great story! CAN WE SAY GOD IS GOOD!!!

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