MJ Must Think We’re Freakin Retarded or Something…

Ok, first off no offense to mentally challenge persons (just to be politically correct and truthful).  But, it must be a good damn day for me to post 2 blogs in one day.  This shit right here, I have to say had me yelling at my computer screen.  I was visiting my favorite blogs while on break just a few minute ago 😉 (shouts out to theybf.com Young, Black and Famous) and I came across a post there which reads “Michael Jackson out with his kids, unmasked”.  Check’em out:

MJ and his kids (wink, wink)Prince and Paris

Ok, ok Lord please forgive me for what I’m about to say.  Michael Jackson is a damn fool to think that we as the viewing public really think that this man whole WAS black as any black person in Africa, let alone the U.S. could have artificially inseminated the mother of these kids and they came out looking like this.  I’m almost like Katt Williams now, to hell with MJ.  He done lost he beloved mind and want us to lose ours in the process.  Now, don’t get me wrong these are some fine looking kids (they looks a little touched, no pun intended).  However those are not MJ seeds man, I’m telling you.  This madness has got to stop.  What is the problem MJ, get at yo boy man.  Talk to me player, where did it all go wrong, after Thriller I bet.  Have you even seen a vajayjay MJ.  Damn dude, the funny thing is see we as black folks tend to take people into our culture and let them in and see how we gets downs, you know make them part of us.  When the white folks wanted your ass so bad and your started changing your appearance we was like “Oh, this fool about to switch sides for real”, we let you go.  Then you had the nerve to pay a doctor off to create a disease out of thin air, shit sounds like it came from nothing too, Vitiligo (I can’t even do a spell check on that damn word).  Man, that wasn’t even a disease until you pay Webster to put it in the dictionary with a picture of you next to it.  Too much.  How you do that Mike?  But that’ s not the kicker, then the white folk threw your pale rider ass under the bus when you start messing with them little sick kids, Mike and guess who took your black ass back in, we did Mike.  Cause we just don’t throw away the bad seeds, Mike.  We caring people, ya know.  MJ, get your shit together man and stop lying to yourself, to us and most importantly them kids dude.  Damn shame.


5 Responses to “MJ Must Think We’re Freakin Retarded or Something…”

  1. Sexylilmomma52 Says:

    I said the same damn thang when i saw it! WTH/HTH did they think we were going to believe that?? SMDH!!! CAN WE SAY DNA TEST!!!

  2. […] tragic to say the least.  For those of you who read my blog regularly know that I did a piece on MJ and his family issue about a month ago.  Well, I’m here to say that in hind site I don’t regret what was […]


  4. shakira Says:

    leave the man and his kids alone!!!!!!!!!! michael is in a better place. his family is still trying to get over his death. so stop talking about him and his family.and who cares if those kids aren’t his!!! if he claim them as his kids then thats all that matters!

    • bakerboi Says:

      Yes I do agree with you about the kids are his, but there’s a huge difference from him saying yes these are my kids and him saying yes these are my kids from my sperm. By the way, I wrote this blog a few months before his passing and as we can see the the truth came out and he had YOU FOOLED. LOL

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