The Blackman Did It, Lie!!

EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was going to start off my post with my usual pleasantries, but decided against it because the topic of this post has convicted me (no pun intended) to drop some lines with a series tone.  Over the course of my blessed life I have read and seen numerous accounts of crime being committed by Blackmen across this great country of ours.  And it’s a well known fact that a high percentage of crimes committed here, the racial ratio blacks to whites are pretty much like weighing a pound of rocks to a bag of feathers on a the scales of justice.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking up for criminals of any race, if you do the crime you do the time, period.

This is what I’m saying, how far have we come if in a span of week a middle-aged white woman claims to have been kidnapped by a couple of blackmales and a black police officer is gunned down by his own department?  Has change come and gone just that fast or has it even came at all?  See, headlines like these make people look at us (the U.S.) in a bad light.  Here it is you can elect your first African American President, but still can’t shine through the blackness of racism.  Racism is like a bad after taste in the mouth that you can’t get rid of unless you use something strong to take the taste away.  Do you know how many Blacks people have been killed just because of what a white person said was done to them?  Not even counting the days of slavery or during or after Jim Crow, hundreds.  Do you now how many people have died in jail or are currently incarcerated do to the fact of a white person telling a lie?  How many times have a Blackman been killed because of mistaken identity or as they say “we all look alike”, can’t count that number.

The point is this, how are we suppose to move on when things like this are taking place still to this day.  How can I feel safe walking to and fro knowing that I could be scooped up and never seen the light of day because I fit the description or for that matter see another day at all?  I don’t feel safe, how could I?  All it takes is someone putting a lie out there and that could be it.  Sure, anything could happen and I could be found innocent and everything like that, but what about the hassle of it all or is this the real price of freedom being subjected to inconveniences of society?  Either way, we all lose in the end because no one stops to think how other people are affected from their actions and choices.  I think I’m about to invest in some GM stock, I will wait until it’s about .50 cents, right-about-now, sold.


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