Happy B-Day to me.

Hey my people, my people how are we doing today  I hope all is well, it’s always good to start a convo off with such pleasantries, ya know.  Any-who, my 36th b-day passed and I really enjoyed myself.  I went to Los Angeles with my baby to visit on of my best friends.  Let me tell you it was great, it’s was all cold and gloomy in the Bay, but down in SoCal it was nice and sunny.  We ate, drank, danced and kick’d shit the whole time.  Went and ate at Rocos Chicken and Waffle on Gower St. , it was cool.  The only reason I went is because I haven’t had that shit is so long, that I thought it would be good to see if they still got had it.  It was OK, the waffle was a little dry and the chickens were small as hell.  Then for my b-day on Monday my girl and I went to the Lobster over looking  the Santa Monica pier, we seen the sun set over the LA mountain and seen the lights of the pier illuminate the Pacific ocean.  OMG, I had a whole grilled Lobster, not a Lobster Tail.  A whole damn Lobster and like a mobster the little Lobster got what we deserved, Da business.  I torn into that ass like it owned me money, I was all up in there like an extortionist.  LMAO, how’s the imagery going for ya?  Can you visualize it? I wish I had picture to show, but from all the running, eating and drinking that was going on for 4 days straight, I’d be lying if I said I was worried about some pic’s, but it would have been nice.

Oh, got to give a shout out to our new found friends Ms. Letty and her group who we met at Club Cabana at the All White Party and let me tell you, this lady is the truth.  We were in a line that was around the corner for this club and I did’t think we were going to get in, so my girl and I decided to just bar hop in Hollywood so we started to walk out the line.  We get across the street and me being who I am (just me) I yell out to a group in front of us because I seen them walking out the line as well.  I say “Aaaaaa yoooo, where ya’ll going?”  Not expecting the response I got from her and her guy friend, I was surprised as hell because they walked up and was like we could go here, there, anywhere and it would be nice if we joined them.  Well, once again me being who I am (just me) and my girl us not being from LA said what the hell and started to follow them.  Long story short, Ms. Letty got a cell call and before I knew it we where in the VIP line getting in Club Cabana like it wasn’t nothing.  Man, I bought Ms. Letty a drank and gave her connection some ends for pulling that off and we party the whole night away outside next to a pool with a draw bridge (OK, it’s not a draw bridge, but it did sound better).  And found out at the last minute that it had an inside dance area where my girl and I danced some more, until her feet starting hurting or was it mine? Don’t remember because I was loaded and it was my BIRTHDAY!!!!!  Good looking Ms. Letty you’re a very special woman and we enjoyed the hell outta ourselves, Letty the Lady is the truth and anytime I’m in LA I will hit you up.

So here’s my question, as we get older are we suppose to celebrate more or less?  I think more because everyday is a blessing and we ought to be thankful we made it another year.  Just my thoughts, so I guess I’ll be partying until I can’t party anymore.


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