I know, I know, I’m sorry but it’s the Playoff.

Good Times

Good Times

I know it’s been a while since I have sent ya’ll something to read about, but I go into a dark place during the NBA Playoffs, like when a bear goes to hibernate for the winter.  I don’t function to well during this 2-month period, things begin to get stacked up like when you’re on vacation and work gets behind.  I can’t focus.  I think I need help, are there any fellas out there that can vouch for me.  My girl says I ain’t worth a shit during this time of the year.  I have always been like this since 1985-86, nothing else mattered during the months of February to the end of June.  I had to include those months because of March Madness, the NCAA College championship.  I love college ball too, I think that was my first passion.  I fell in love with the 1990 UNLV Runnin Rebel’s.  OMG, I have to say that was the best collegian team to date.

OK, I’m not the type that goes and puts his favorite team jersey, hat, sweats, socks, coffee mug and draws on, I don’t like reppin’ like that.  I think that’s a little over board and being obsessed.  Plus I was taught a valuable lesson at an early age, these team will break your heart.  Like when the Lakers lost to the Bulls in Michael 1st championship and Magic’s last.  Damn, that was the worst time of my young life.  The end of Showtime and the beginning of the running bull.  I have to say I hated the Bulls for about 2 years after that, but you had to give it to Michael and the Bulls because they kept on winning, man and no one could stop them.  They made me a believer and I soon starting to like them as well, especial when Rodman came and finished off the 2nd 3-peat.  Admit it, people are drawn to winners, not losers.  And the Bulls were winning at an alarming rate, mashing on everybody body in the NBA.  It was a different league back then.  Back then they played ball, no like they really played ball.  All teams went hard and if you couldn’t hang, you got ran through.  Wasn’t no ticky-tac fouls and bad reff’in, the league now a days is soft as a cupcakes and it was formed and created to look pretty and for the players to be pretty.  You can’t touch anybody now, do you know Jordan took 7 years of getting his ass whipped by the Piston’s and Celtic’s before he got his 1st championship?

Uncertain Times, Damn

Uncertain Times, Damn

That was b-ball, my beloved game.  A man’s game, not taking anything away from football because we all know how that is.  You’d have to be crazy to play in the NFL with all those maniacs.  Now on to what I was suppose to be blogging about in the first place.  If you’re my friend on FB you already know how I feel about these playoffs, but I will give you the short version.  First, I’m a fan of basketball and Second, I’m a Lakers fan.  Boy, did they disappoint me in the second around against the Rockets.  OMG, I have never yelled at the TV before in my life, but they pissed me off so bad I almost gave up on the purple and gold.  They played like Mr. Softy ice cream in a couple of those loses.  Hell, the Rocket’s won 1 to many games in the first place.  And why didn’t they trade Luke Walton 3 years ago?  Please, someone help me on that. He’s going to be the death of me.  So now we got the Nugget’s, a team of thugs because of all the ink in the game.  Boy, isn’t it funny how people can stereotype another group because they are so different from them, but that’s another blog.  Well, anyway the Laker’s made it to the Western Conference Finals and they won the first game, something I might add, that they were suppose to do.  Last night was an upset when the Magic beat the Cav’s in the own court for their 3rd home court lose of the year.  Wow, is all I have to say about that because it was a great game.  Just like Kobe, LBJ can’t do it by himself.  None of his team mates showed up in the 3rd and 4th quarters.  Them boys need a life jacket because it’s going to be a long series in both conference finals.  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love this game, LOL.  PEACE

P.S.  The real reason why I haven’t been blogging was because I have been doing work, imagine that.


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