Good Music and I’m Not talkin Kayne….

Hey my peeps, I have been on my mixtape mission here lately and let me tell you, yall’s missing out.  If you are a ol’ school hip hop head, then what I’m about to show you will most definitely spark some type of curiosity.  If you been looking for some good hip hop and have not been able to find it, I just might be able to help you with that.  I really think I’m the mixtape king because that’s all I really mess with now-a-days.  For the most part, all of the mixtapes I have mentioned are free, yeah. I think that’s the new business model for the music industry (at least for hip hop).  And if I’m diggin on the artist or group, when they drop their official album I’ll go and cope it because they have already giving me so much in the mixtape and I already have an idea on what to expect.  Check it out, I talked about a kid name Jay Electronia about around x-mas time 2008, right now on KMEL Jams he’s getting spins of that mixtape tape ” What the F@$k is a Jay Electronica”.  I mentioned several new artist last year who have since then signed record deals and are working on their freshman LP’s and then there was Curren$y’s “This Ain’t No Mixtape”, who did it all his way.  Well, I’m back on that and let me tell you I got FIRE!!!!!

I’m sooooo excited because I have been waiting on these dude for a mintue now.  SlaughterHouse free mixtape “The Art of SlaughterHouse”.  First of if you could visualize Voltron forming, these  four dudes will be it:  Joell Ortiz (New York), Joe Budden (New Jersy), Crooked I (West Coast) and Royce Da 5’9  (Detroit) they form a rap super group that, OMG will shut the whole industry down.  Just think you got what Tupac was trying to complete before he passed with One Nation.  These cats are the truth in their own way and as a group, check’em out:




Remember I told yall’s that Lil Wanye wasn’t the best rapper from the N.O.?  Well I’m here to reiterate that.  A kid named Nesby Phips “1st Edition of the Phipsfiles”  Ring the alarm!!!!!!!!!!  Check him out, his flow is sick with that southern slang, beats are beating down the streets and overall it’s a classic and I will be looking for his first album, which I will buy.

Another dude from the N.O.

Another dude from the N.O.

Click image to download or Download here.

I think that’s enought for now, but rest assure I have some more heat for yall, sleep on those for now.  I’m like a teacher on the last day of school before Christmas vaction, overload.  LMAO!!!!!!


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