This Ain’t No Mixtape!!!



Hey folks, I don’t know if you recall this or not, but about 5-6 months I did a piece on new Hip Hop heads to look out for and I named quite a few of them.  Well, one of my favorites just dropped his first official album after releasing at least 7 mixtapes in 2008.  Hence the name of the new album “This Ain’t No Mixtape”.  Let me be the first to say Da Hot Spitta may have made history on two levels with this album.

Let me explain,  first he went totally independent and put it out himself.  Not taking the conventional path and going with a big record label, this dude went independent and digital.  Creating a low over-head and pure profit from the digital sales of the album.  I’m pretty sure he’s going to get the 75-85% of the sale of his album.  Need I say whose is doing that in the big boy record companies of today.  Not many and just for name sake I think only Ca$h Money.   Secondly, is the price of the album.  Honestly, you know you are doing good business when the customer feels like they have gotten over on the seller.  I feel like I should be paying a lot more for this classic album, yes I said it, classic.  For $8.99 you get 17-18 classic songs, truth be told I only skipped 1 song and that was Scared of Monstas, didn’t care too much for that one.  Other than that it’s a masterpiece because Curren$y worked with what he had and presented to the public a good piece of material that easily would sale in Best Buy for $13.99.  I’m telling you don’t sleep on dude.

Side note, when the digital download site went live, fans buying the album crashed the site…..  No for real.  check dude out here

This Ain’t No Mixtape


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