Left Wing, Right Wing, Your Wing, My Wing…

What’s good people, just thinking about cha.  Checkin ya out, seeing how everyone is doing.  Well, me I’m good.  I was bless to see another day, my family is healthy, I still got a job the longest I ever had, no more than 3 year and I was out, LOL.  However, in these economic times you’ll be a damn fool to quit a job now.  That brings me to the reason we are all here today, I was reading an article on CNN.com (because the newspaper is going bye bye and that’s another sign of downturn) called Right-wing Extremism may be on rise.  Which got me to thinking about what people turn to when they feel helpless and alone, but that’s not even the freaky thing.  Last night I had an awful nightmare about the Holocaust and let me tell you it was scary as hell because it seem so real, but surreal at the same time.

There’s no limit to what a person can accomplish if they are pushing that one commodity that everyone runs from, fear.  Hitler did it, the slave master did it, the early settlers did it and so on and so forth just to name a few.  Fear, will make you do things you never thought you would do or be a part of knowing it is wrong.  Hell, fear made Americans accept not one, but two wars that were brought on by lies and fear (note: main reasons for the global economic crisis).  Now there are groups popping up all over the place because of fear.  Fear of their country being lead by the HNIC, fear of the foreclosures on their home, fear of the lost of jobs, fear that they are losing the grip they have had for so long.  Well, I’m here to tell all these groups something and I don’t want you to be alarmed.  We been lost the grip some 50- 60 years ago when we allowed the Federal Reserve Bank stop backing our United State Dollars with gold and silver.  That was the beginning of the end right there and it was the beginning of the New World Order.  See, what these groups fail to realize is that it’s not about color, culture, creed, where you from, where you going.  It’s about your class status, your geographical location and how much assets and money do you have in these failing banks.  It’s about bringing this whole big thing together, under one global umbrella, one common goal, one common law, controlled by one common organization.

Don’t believe me, huh?  OK, well let’s do a little homework assignment, I want you to Google these terms:  European Union, NAFT, North American Union, and New World Order.  Let me know what you come up with.  I try not to sound like a paranoid maniac, but we have got to see what’s going on not only in our communities, but world wide as well.  We can’t let fear run our lives, instead of setting up groups like the left and right-wing groups in the above article, we should be trying to come together as a people.  The time for the end game is upon us and you see people are preparing for something big to happen.  There’s a saying I like to refer to when dealing with life and death situations and it’s this “I’d rather be judged by 12, than carried by 6”.  Where do we start, who can we turn to for guidance.  If you think for one minute that things are going to get better, you are sadly mistaken.  Just look all around you and tell me in all honesty that you see a bright future ahead.

And there you have it, the basic fundamental rhetoric that has people forming groups because they are scared to death of the possibility of it being over and can you blame them?  My only thing is that the forming of these group are based on the wrong values and circumstances.  Instead of building a group for race, religion, political reasons and beliefs, build one because we are all humans and we are all going through the same things and we are all being affect by what’s going on in our society and in the world.


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