Let’s Play the Blame Game!

OK, I have been thinking about something to write about concerning the killing of 4 Oakland, Ca police officers over the weekend.  Although there were a lot of topics I could have chosen for my piece today and I thought about many, many angles to bring you the fundamental feeling I have been experiencing since the tragic incident took place.  So here’s what I have to say about it.

I never, ever condoned someone being murdered and I never will, I send my condolences to ALL the families involved.  To lose someone, especially a family member to violence is a terrible act that lives with the family for many, many years.  Granted, officers lost their lives and there are 9 kids without fathers and 12 totaling if you count the suspect Lovell Mixon’s kids.  The suspect in these murders was dead wrong and in my opinion should never have been let back into society not fully reformed.  I mean that’s what criminals go to prison for, right.  To pay their debts to society and to be reformed in the process so that when they are release they won’t go back to society and cause havoc in their environments, but that’s the reason why the system is broken because it’s a vicious cycle that keeps going until someone is killed.  These felons will have a hard road ahead of them because society has it setup for them to fail and go back to doing what they do best and that’s committing crimes.  Why is that?  Apparently it’s not about helping criminals who have severed their time so they won’t go back to a life of crime.  Whose to blame for this?  I could point fingers to the Judicial system, the parole and probation systems, the State of CA, the Oakland Police Dept, the Mayors Office, the DA Office, the CA Correctional System and of course myself.  Why myself you might ask?  Well, it’s simple because I feel that we are not holding people accountable for their actions in our communities, let alone the country.  I feel that we have let so many young people down that we are now seeing the fault in our ways and want to make a change.  I say we because we have been trick into believing that it’s alright for a single mother to raise a household by herself.  We have been mislead into thinking that this is the WAY it’s suppose to be.  That father’s need not be in their children lives.  We are a nation of broken homes and misplaced dreams and dysfunctional families.  Who is your role model?  Who do you look up to, whose your measuring stick?  Please, please don’t tell me a sport figure or a famous person.  Not the neighborhood drug dealers, please don’t say that.   Well let me ask you this, who are your kids looking up to?

See, we can past blame on everyone, point and cuss in all  directions, but in reality what we have to realize is that we are all a part of the problem because we have been tricked into letting the government tell us it’s all good.  We can help take care of you, pacify you and let you become so engulfed in trying to survive that you become a zombie waiting for your next check.

Letting the government and television raise our kids has now placed in our society a time bomb waiting to go off.  We need to take back control of our families and communities, we need to build strong families be role models for their communities.  Is it too late, are we so far gone that there’s no coming back?  Are we rolling down a hill with no brakes continuing to accept what is feed to us?   What can be done?  Where are all the leader’s at?  Hell, the ones who really cared and mattered were assassinated for being icons to their generation and wanting change.  Where has that time gone when people stood up for something bigger than themselves?  Where “WE” came before “I”.  I’ll tell you what happen, we were pacified by welfare, sex, drugs and alcohol.  We were feed vices that they knew would create problems for generation to come.  Is it working?  Is the little experiment working, you tell me.  Look outside your windows and tell me what you see.


2 Responses to “Let’s Play the Blame Game!”

  1. I appreciate your post big bruh! I will even say I agree with everything you stated in your blog. Now, the questions are; what do we do about what we know is true-what we know are the problems, and how do we participate in becoming the solution or fixing the problems?

    Black folks have discussed the Plight of Black America for so long and what some of the solutions are for solving this problem. Yet, there hasn’t been enough of a concentrated effort from the folks at the top and main street, to the grass roots folks living in our everyday black society.

    I believe we are seeing more people get involved and more grass roots organizations being established to deal with our plight in the hoods more than ever before. But, there still aren’t enough black folks in prominent positions willing to take action and let their voice be heard. There still aren’t enough prominent folks making the ghettos a priority. I think we hear President Obama making a conservative effort with his budget proposal, but the rest of America is going to have to make more of an effort.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong; there are crusaders like Cornel West and Reverend Al Sharpton that have been rhetorical and active leaders in this respect. But, what about more politicians, business leaders, and ever our church leaders.
    Yes, our church leaders need to come out of their sanctuaries and “take it to the streets” like they use to do. It’s one thing to preach from the pulpit to those long-standing congregational members, but another to preach an uplifting and unyielding message of God to the youngsters slangin’ as they walk up to them. How many ministers would you say do that on a daily, weekly or even annual basis?

    You see, it’s going to take a lot of resources, man/woman-power, energy and concentrated focus to change a life-style, culture and astigmatism that was created hundreds of years ago. Otherwise, you will hear of these focused acts of black leadership and bravery or honorable deeds. But, for the problem to be solved, it’s going to take as they say on Capitol Hill “an act of Congress!”

    What happened the other day with the police officers and that youngster was an example of what our plight has created. Of course a disease so contagious and embedded in our society is going to spill over back into the white folks and/or government’s hands. Let’s pray that it doesn’t get to the point where they feel forced to deal with it, but rather we can all agree that it’s time to deal with it!

    • bakerboi Says:

      My man, i know i can go a little over the top, but you know that’s me bra. Anyway, it’s true we don’t do enough to help the problem or become the solution and I’m including myself as well. Maybe becuz we are struggling and striving to have more, become more. We all have our own personal agendas that get in the way of the real issues and solutions to the problem our community and society face. and that’s ok with the people who are in charge becuz we are staying occupied with the everyday rat race of surviving that we have lost focus on what’s important.

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