Hello, my people, Hello.  How are we doing this fine morning.  I hope all is well with everyone.  From the looks of my stats from my previous post, I think it rubbed some of you the wrong way or you guys weren’t just that interested.  That’s OK, to eaches own.  Sometime the truth may hurt a tiny little bit.  So on to new and better things because it’s a new day and new challenges lie ahead.  The title of the post is self-explanatory, I think…..  Well, it should be.  It’s an acronym for the word NIGGA that was created to put us down back in the day, but somehow has been taken and accepted by all walks of life, hummmmmm.  Now even little white, brown, yellow and purple kids call themselves this word.  Why is that?  How could someone take something so negative and turn it into something perceived as positive?  Well, in short that’s what we do, we have been doing it for over 400 years now.  Taken what is giving to us and making the best of that shit, turning nothing into something.  Just like the title of this post, as far as I know one of the greatest rappers of all time made a word that is viewed to be so negative and turned it into a positive.  Tupac Shakur, Pac as most of us call him was a genius when it came to things of this nature.  He did what our culture have been doing for years and that’s reinventing itself because what we create, everyone else loved and took it for themselves.  I need not do the history of that, do I?  I think not, too much to cover and so little time.  Anyway, I would like to bring to your attention that over all these years we have been put down, ostracized, too advantage of and made the scapegoat and through all that time we made it through, we still persevered and moved forward towards our place in history, which I might add is a great place.  We have been to the top and at the bottom and now we are climbing our way back.  We are an inspiration for many to see, we are a testimony for the world to stare in awe.  We are strong and we bend , but never break.  That is our history and that is what make us who we are today. Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished by Strength.  Peace ya’ll and have a blessed and beautiful day.


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