The Future According to Microsoft: DOPE

Good Afternoon All,

How are we doing today?  I hope all is well in your neck of the woods and if you are on the East Coast I hope ya’lls keeping warm and enjoying a day off if you can afford it, real talk.  Check it out, I bet you are wondering why am I am writing in letter form, well I’m here to tell you guys about a new exciting video I will be sharing with you here shortly.  For all of my closes friend and family that know I’m a technology geek and I’m proud of it will understand my tone in this post.  This come by way of a blog I read all the time The Boy Genius Report and is it a dandy.  I get so excited about new tech stuff that I almost giz myself.  So check out the video and you will see why.  I just hope I”m here, hell for that matter that we are all here to see it.  Now, I wondering what’s Apple take on the future?  Hmmmmmmm!!!!!!


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