Love me and I'll Love you Back

Love me and I'll Love you Back

Ok, I was going to let it go and end this subject with the last post on it, but a friend suggested I finish it and end it like I said I would.  Plus, I always try to be a man of my word, no matter what.  So here it is.  Love, is a small four letter word that has such a huge meaning and a lot of fullness to it.  What I mean by that is people have there own definitions of love and how it affects them as a person, a couple or group.  There are different types of love as well, there’s undying love, uncontrolled love, hard love and shallow love and then there’s lust and infatuation which sometime put us in very, very bad situations.  Just like in the case that started this whole conversation, when you are young can honestly say you know what love is?  I know I didn’t have a clue of the meaning of love, I thought I did but I was way off because love to me is your ability to love someone for who they are, your willingness to do whatever it is to make that persons life better in the realm of reason and last but not least, in order to accomplish all the above you have to have love and understanding of yourself in order to be able to give love in return.  This is a cruel game and if you don’t know how to play it, it will burn you and you will end up in a bad place.

Bottom line, we were not put here to beat on one another and do unthinkable things to each other.  Women have to understand that their place is not in front of their man or in the back of him, but be on the side of him and be his partner in crime to the very end.  Men, we have to not take our women for granted, we have to understand that the world does not revolve around us and that we are here to help each other get to a place where we both can comfortable and love each other unconditionally.  We have to trust  one another, I’m not saying for you to be a fool and let someone play you as such.  I’m saying build a relationship where you know the boundaries of each other.  Learn each other, where one is weak, you be strong and together your love will shine and grow.  What’s wrong with that, I know it’s hard because people have so much baggage and don’t want to change, but you have to know when to hold them and when to fold them.  If you have love for yourself first, what sense would it make for you to be in a relationship that does not benefit you in some way, a healthy relationship.  I have seen it too many times before, women trying to keep a man they don’t need and men doing the same.  We all can do bad by ourselves and there’s nothing wrong with stepping back from the situations and seeing it for what it really it.  We have to be honest with all parties involved, communication is king and ruler of a good relationship.  Learn how to talk to people, learn how to communicate your feelings, fellas I know it’s difficult.  Believe me I know, I’m still learning how to do it, but it’s worth the effort.

In closing, we are all human and all have made mistakes in our lives.  We need not hang this young man for something he has no understanding of.  Yes, what he did was wrong and if he is found guilty, then so be it and let him server his debt to society and let that be that.  There have been plenty of things we have done in our lives and now we want to past judgement like our shit doesn’t stink.  In my younger days alone, there have been times where I knew I was wrong, but I was young and didn’t think of the reprocussion of my actions.  However,  know that Domestic Violence can hurt everyone involved and no one should be putting a finger on anyone out of anger,  period.  Men, keep your hands to yourself.  Women, keep your hands to yourself.  I’m going to leave ya’ll with a saying I use offen and here it goes.  If I have to put my hands on you in any way to hurt you, I don’t need to be with you.  No matter what, no matter how good the sex is, the cooking, the money, no matter what we don’t need to be together.  Let it go, before someone gets hurt or even dead.  Peace and love yourself first.


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