The Price of Fame!

Hey folks, there has been a lot going on in the entertainment media.  This Chris Brown and Rhianna situation is unfortunate for all parties involved.  The sad thing is how media, blogs and news outlets will hype you up one day, and the next destroy you as a person.  One day they love you, the next day you’re the most hated person in the world.  By no means am I justifying anything that happen, nor am I saying a man should put his hands on a woman.  However, realistically speaking, we are all humans and make mistakes.  That what humans do, we make mistakes and we learn from them especially when are young because we don’t know any better and that’s what young people do.  Hell, the mistakes I made as a young man, whew!  We won’t even go there.  I have always been one to give people the benefit of doubt, in a logical manner and I believe that there is only so much a person male/female can take.  Say for instance, I just said that a man should never put his hands on a woman for any reason at all.  Well, let me tell you this, being so most of all of us were raised to defend ourselves, it will be very hard not to defend yourself in the event that someone may be attacking you, you have to show that restraint and not le t them have it (I’m speaking of a woman acting like she’s a man and trying whoop a man’s ass).  You have to be damn near like MLK and turn the other cheek so they could knock the hell outta you.  I’m not saying this is what happen, but come one.  In the heat of the moment anything that may happen and will happen.

I can remember in junior high school and I was in Earth Science class in the 8th grade.  A male friend of mine and a female classmate were clowning on each other and I guess my buddy said the wrong thing to her and the next thing you know she was squared up doing the Sugar Ray on his ass.  I mean before I knew it, my man caught a 2 piece with a biscuit on the side.  I mean she gave that boy the ass whippin of his life, in front of the whole class and the coldest part about it is that he didn’t even fight her back.  I mean this dude didn’t even grab her and say the old “girl you better stop playing” thing.  Shit, I guess he couldn’t grab her cause she was moving like the hurricane on his butt.  I seen this dude like 3 years ago and it had been at least 16 years since that happen and the first thing I said to him was “Boy you got your ass whipped that faithful day in Earth Science class”, but in the back of my mind I really commended him for taking that ass whooping like he did, that was a sight to see because she wasn’t hitting hit ass with no girly shots, she was Roc-n-Sockin his ass and taking names later.  And all I remember is her slammin him over a table in the classroom and the whole class was like “Dammmmmmmmmn”. LMAO!!!!!!!!  OMG, that was one of the funniest moment in my life because afterwards when he came back from being suspended for taking an ass whippin, I asked him why didn’t he fight back or even trying to grab her.  Do you know this fool said “I don’t hit women and her hits didn’t hurt anyway”.  No, but the way your ass hit that floor from on top of that table shoulda felt real good.

I said that to say this. Men should never put there hands on a women, unless they are getting the shit kicked outta them….. OK, OK but for real always protect yourself no matter who it is.  I mean come one how far can you run from an ass whoppin?  In self-defence protect yourself and both of yall go to jail.  If you are the instigator and your thing is beating up on women, you are sorry excuse for a man.  Oh, shit that bring me to a time where I had to use restraint.  I have got to tell that story one day about me and a can of mace.  This shit will literally bring tears to your eyes.  One day, one day when I have moved on from it, LOL….it was some funny shit tho.


2 Responses to “The Price of Fame!”

  1. Yes life in the spot light can bring joy and pain, when you step of to that plate you so gotta be ready for them to love you one day and hate you the next. All stories got three sides – Gods, yours and theirs! Ain’t no telling what really went down – it will always be he said she said!

    The same way a man should never hit a women a women should never hit a man. Keep your hands by your side and keep it moving, let them call you scared, chicken, etc. but keep it moving. These buck up women be killing me but at the same time who knows what they may have endured in there past that makes them think its okay to keep pushing the envelope until boop one to the eye. I swear I was just talking to a friend and the said thing is that many women believe that “LOVE IS PAIN”

    Nice post and I’ll be looking forward to that story!

    • Whew, I know you will. You will have the inside understanding…. That’s it for now, but it is hilarious. it wasn’t back when it happen tho.

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