The Domino Effect

Someone please explain to me what people don’t understand about the urgency our economic health.  President Obama is basically begging for the Congress and House of Representative’s to pass this stimulus package so the American people can start back working and building our country back to it’s rightful place.  Let’s not forget the Obama administration has inherited the largest American Deficit in history, why can’t we work together to pull our people out the dumps.  Why can’t we get the American people working again, get the unemployment rate back below the national average of 3-4%, make our infrastructure strong again by changing our dependency on foreign oil and energy.

The Domino Effect is and has been in full swing for the past 8 years and now the last domino is about to fall, right along with American Dream.  I can think of a numerous of problems that have brought us to this point in our American History, but I will only name a few because I don’t want to seem like I’m pointing  fingers and blame when we are at time when we have to take responsibility for our actions and our future.  False wars, terror attacks, fear and loathing in the USA, bad judgment by the Bush administration and dependency on others for our well being those things alone are big enough to cause a domino effect that would topple a third world country in just a few months, took 8 years to bring America to it’s knees.

However, on a good note we know as Americans we can fight and struggle to get our country back right.  With the dreams and aspirations of our young people we might have a chance to make a lasting impact on our future.  Our young people have lived through a great historical time and we need to help them take advantage of it.  We need to make sure they the know the past, the good and bad.  So that they can shape the future and bring about a great enlightening that will make our world a better place.  Can all of this happen in our lifetime?  May not, but we never thought we’d see a black president in the white house.  Anything is possible if you have strong faith, perseverance, motivation and determination to see a better tomorrow.


One Response to “The Domino Effect”

  1. The domino analogy is effective and I think it’s correct.

    Why Republicans won’t cooperate:
    Look at it from their point of view. If they were to vote for Obama’s stimulus package and it ultimately succeeded, he and the rest of the Democrats would get all the credit. Few people would remember that the crossover Republicans helped. So Republicans have no incentive to vote for the stimulus (and their free market ideology tells them not to anyway).

    On the other hand if they vote against the package (as they have done) and it later fails to prevent the terrible recession that threatens us now, Obama and the Democrats will then probably get blamed for the recession, even though he only inherited it, because he will have tried to prevent it and FAILED.

    America hates a failure as much as it loves a winner. Look at the load of contempt Bush left with.

    I believe all the comparisons we hear between Obama and Lincoln are apt. I can’t remember any case of a new president who stepped into a mess this bad and had to deal with it from day 1 except Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt, and they were extraordinary men. If I had any religion I’d be praying hard that Obama is too.

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