Can you Say “Dirty Pool”

Ok, let me start off by saying happy Monday and I hope all is well.  For those of you who don’t know what Dirty Pool means let me give you the definition.  Dirty Pool is conduct that is unfair, unethical or illegal. Being deceitful or deceptive for unfair advantage. I said that to say this, some things you just don’t do like of say disrespect a man in front of his family (guaranteed ass whipping) or say calling the dozens on someone whose parents have died (that was a ass whipping waiting to happen) and last but not least you don’t by any means bring in ex-girlfriend, baby mamas or ex-wife into a fight between you and that man or woman (it goes both ways).  You just don’t do it, that is hitting below the belt.  For real, and many people have been killed for less.  When people get that dirty in the plight to hurt you, you better watch out because shit is about to hit the fan.  Oh, I didn’t even tell what it was about, check this out:

With all that being said be very careful who you make you enemies because some people just don’t give a damn and will set out to hurt you in many, many different ways.  Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t believe this shit……  I am truly affected by this.  Dirty Pool at it finest.  Officer Rick Ross, call for backup because you need it bro.  Damn


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