Inauguartion Pictures of President Obama

Well, the honeymoon is over baby and now the real work is at hand.  The 44th President of the United States of America is a half white and half African, but he acts like he’s African American or black as some would say.  Well, in many ways he is, but what is it to be black.  Now-a-days not much because we are at a stages in this society where race doesn’t have that much weight on it versus whose rich or poor.  The wool have been pulled over our eyes for such a long time that people still think it’s really all about race, when in all actuality it has nothing to do with race.  Our 44th President is black, African American or malotto (one of the missing El De Barge brothers) and that had nothing to do with his race.  It had a lot to do with the direction our country is heading in.  The color of money out weights any one feelings towards someone because of their race.  Why is that, I mean I know there are some cases where that old adage that once a n-i-double g-a, always a n-i-double g-a.  However, when a person did something with themselves and became a success, they were look at differently in so many ways.  From a economical and  sociological stand point you made it out the ghetto, but was that ever enough or even right?  So many have done just that, made it out the ghetto, but did they ever go back to the ghetto to help someone else?  I don’t know, I can’t speak on it for real.  However, what I do know is this and it’s what we all should know.  Don’t look for hand out, no one is coming to help you, help yourself and do for yourself and don’t ever forget where you came from because now-a-days it’s not about the color of your skin, but the color of the paper in your wallet and how much of it you have.

There’s been a transition to what I call the new n-i-double g-a, if you can’t quite put your fingers on it, I’ll help you.  If you are poor or middle class you can now consider yourself to be  a n-i-double g-a, not in the tune of your race, but of the tune of your economic standings.  Whose singing that song?  The fat lady, daddy the fat lady and Ms. Franklin did her thang, big hat and all.  I know I might be giving up too much game, but blacks knew it was a recessions almost two years ago when we start seeing things changing like gas and food prices.  The reason why is that we already know what a struggle is, this is nothing new for us.  We have been struggling for years on years.  We know how to walk it out and take the good with the bad and pray for a better day and it has come.  We now have one less thing to worry about and a hundred more to be scared of.  This is what I say to the people of the U.S.A.  “come on in and join the party”, let’s pull up our boots straps and turn our fitted caps back and build this country in the way we know how and the right way, with every ones help.  Check out these photos:

Inauguration Photos


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