My President is BLACK and he has a hang over!!!

Man, I need an Gingerale

Man, I need an Gingerale

This reminds me of a time my partner Duck came to Ohio for the first time to visit me when I stayed out there.  Man, he touched down and we had a great time and all, but I still had to work and I had an interview the following day.  Do you know we got so drunk the night before my interview, the next morning I woke up with a hangover.  Ask me did I make it to the interview?  Damn right, on-time and upbeat and I got the job.  Hell yeah, that’s how we do.

President Obama just looks like how I did after my interview.  What’s funny is that he also looks like “what the hell did I get myself into”.  You think you have it rough, this man has one of the toughest jobs in the world at a time where the world is in need of a greater role model in the U.S.A.  Can he make the cut, will he falter and fall?  Maybe, because he’s only human.  The question is how does he responds to controversy and trouble waters.  He said it in his speech, “know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy”.  America needs to be rebuilt, from the bottom up and with the right leadership we can get it done.  I am so motivated now to go out and get involved in something, I don’t know what it is just yet, but I will find a place in my heart where I can lend a helping hand.

I was talking to someone about how some young people haven’t really grasped the full idea of having a black man run America.  For me, it still hasn’t really set in yet, I mean it’s a big, huge freaking thing to put your mind around, but the bottom line is that some young folks don’t really know their history, they really can’t wrap their minds around the struggle our grand parent and parents had to go through because they haven’t lived long enough to experience some things that are related to our struggle as black folks. I need not say what those struggles are because if I really have to spell that out, you don’t know either.  However, what excuses can we make?  Can we really sit back  and say the white man is holding us down?  Can we really have an argument about what the white man is doing to us?  No, because the white man is now a black man.  We can always go back and reflect on the pass, which is called history.  And rightfully so, we can do that.  We can forgive, but we can’t forget because that would be discrediting all the people who came before us, all the people that die for our fight for freedom.  Where we are today, not just black people died, everyone died.  All throughout our history people have fought and died in the name of freedom because it is a God given right and if it’s being taken away from you, I suggest you fight like hell to get it back.  It’s worth it, fo sho.


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  1. Your site displays incorrectly in Firefox, but content excellent! Thank you for your wise words =)

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