It’s Hunting Season and Black Men are the Targets

Ok, ya’ll I been trying to come up with something to write about and express myself in an intelligent manner.  So, I’m over at, chillin read the blog when I come upon this  Am I surprised, not by a long shot (no pun intended).  I am hurt and feel like black men are being hunted and gunned down just for being black.  It should come to know surprise to any of us that this is not the first time, nor will it be the last that a person of color gets murder by someone who has a position of authority/power (so-called).  Police officers have been shooting us in the back from hundreds of years.  That’s not even the unimaginable, back in slavery they had their way with us.  They done things to us a person wouldn’t even do to an animal on the streets.  Have we forgot?  Are we suppose to forget?  I don’t know, but I don’t forget shit.  I told ya’ll a couple of post back that we are in trouble.  I hate to say it, but everything I said months ago is becoming reality.  Here’s the post:

Here’s some advice to the people (black men):

If you are driving, please have you shit together License, Registration and Insurance.  Completely pull over and shut the car off and roll down your windows a little bit.  Last, but not least don’t resist and please comply.  That will get you a long way because they would love for you to do something stupid and get shot in the back for it.  These people have lost their minds, like we are going to keep on letting this go on.  Come on people, having riots in our own communities aren’t the answer.  There’s has to be a better way, right.  I mean there has to be a way for us to tell these people that we are humans and are loved by many and that we are just like them, right.  I mean there has to be a way for us to let them know that what they have been doing to us for all these years is really the main reason why the country is messed up right now.  They have to know these things, right.  I don’t know, the people have been known to kill everybody in the house and then themselves.  I keep using the band that kept playing while the Titanic was sinking, giving the people something to jump to their deaths to.  It’s amazing, how we human are.  We don’t care how much it hurts, we’ll keep on do the same thing until the wheels fall off of it.  Damn shame.


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