Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Happy New Year all.  Yes, I am back and I am on one.  I had a blessed Christmas and New Years Eve because I am here today to tell ya’ll about it.  Thank you Jesus.  Some people didn’t make it to to see today, but I did.  Anyway, I don’t want go all in on the resolutions and all, but I will say that let this year be a beautiful and prosperous year and if your ass don’t have at least 10 haters in your life by this time next year, you ain’t did a good job on yourself.  And this message for is ALL MY HATERS!!!!!!!!!  2009 is bringing about a change, shit change is coming from everywhere, from the top down and the bottom up.  That same shit you got away with in 2008 is over, your ass will be checked, I’m pulling hoe cards in 2009 because I got all the spades and I’m about to run a Boston and ya’ll asses.  Shit, people ain’t got time for all the foolishness going on today, let alone stupidity, ignorance and straight up greed and envy.  Man, get your shit together HATERS.  Start worrying about yourself more and less about the folks your hating on.  Hell, we got a president in office that is trying to change the game and get shit back right and he got a whole lot of HATERS, but do you think that’s going to stop him from becoming one of the greatest every, hell naw.  We all have jobs to do and you are blessed if you even have a job.  Get it right, baby.  Hell we ain’t got much time anyway, life is too short to be worrying about what the next person is doing, what are you doing?  How are you trying to make your life better?  Not by HATING on the ones who are doing it and striving to do better and be better.  Just know this, 2009 if your HOE card is showing it’s going to get pulled and on that note here’s a little something from my main man Katt Williams who is in the business of pulling people HOE cards.  Oh, I’m so sorry, let me give you the definition of pulling someones HOE card,  it is the act of possession someones dignity, calling their bluff of sorts, checking their asses on the spot

ex. Tommy hates on J-roc’s new Nike boots to Chris

Tommy:  J-Roc Nike Boots look hella gay

Chris notices J-Roc heard Tommy and moves to the side because J-Roc got that “Oh, no the hell he didn’t, look on his face”)

J-Roc:  Check this out home boy, you better keep my name out your mouth before I straight chin-check your ass, fool.

Tommy:  Ok, damn bro I…..

J-Roc just pulled Tommy’s HOE card.


2 Responses to “Happy New Year!!!!!!!”

  1. Ok – you weren’t lying about not holding back, but I sooo feel ya. You inspire me to give it to a person on the spot, but know Imma have to call you for back up (lol) Good post!

  2. yeah, i try to be me and i think i’m a cool ass person. for real, i’m happy thus far. lol

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