Lil Wanye is Not the best rapper from the N.O.

Hello kind folks.  How are we doing this beautiful day.  Ok, let me get to the point.  Lil Wanye, Keisha Cole and T-Pain are performing out here in the Town today, for those of you who don’t know the Town is Oakland, Ca the home of hella shit.  Anyways, I guess sale aren’t doing that well being so the tickets are let $100, it’s X-mas time and damnit we’re in a freaking recession the likes of hell, the great depression and the radio stations are still trying to get people to go to the damn thing  (ticket holders don’t be surprise if someone doesn’t show up).

Never mind that, how about if I were to say that the headliner was over-rated.  I know, I know…… I’m hatin.  However, I will tell you this, I have always been a Weezy fan, the Carter’s I and II were the shit, classics.  But this latest installment that sold 1 or 2 million CD’s was weak, bitten and over rated.  There was no originality like his first 2 cd’s.  I guess the younger generation who has put Solider Boy on the map also are the ones who has pushed Lil Wanye to the so-called best status.  I don’t know, but what I do know is this.  Lil Wanye, you’re days are numbered buddy, there are some cats straight from your hood that is coming at you in a major way.  One of them was a member of your group Young Money and you know who I’m speaking of…… Curren$y The Hot Spitta.  You know that boys the truth and I won’t even give you the reason why I know he left the group, but you and I both know. And then there was ONE, now this dude is like how Tupac was before he went to jail with Me Against the World  and  before Machiavelli Seven Day Theory which was both, ummm ummm number 1.  This dude is on some other shit, you would really have to listen to him a couple of times to get what he really is saying.  Not only that, he’s a nomad that has traveled, seen and conquered places, taking a little from everywhere and making it his own.  This dude name is Jay Electronica.  Whao, that’s all I have to say.  Check him out, I promise you won’t be disappointed like you have been.  Plus, all of their music have been free mixtape and I’m tellin you I would have bought all of Curren$y shit (6-7 mixtapes)  and Jay Electronica’s shit, no questions asked.  Hip Hop we are about to experience an enlighten, first comes the falling away (for those who know), then comes the enlightening.   Get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There shit is so deep, check this out Curren$y said he’s going to put out a quality mixtape every month of 2008 until I get signed to a record deal that he likes.  I don’t know who signed him, but what I do know it didn’t take long for him to get sign and the boy put out some fire with that mixtape collection (which are classics).  I’m tellin you, don’t sleep.  Now, as for Jay Electronica collection I have only heard “What the F*ck is a Jay Electronica” mixtape that was release earlier this year and boy , oh boy that shit is crazy dope.  I must admit I have been sleepin on this dude and it wasn’t until I heard this song with the Willy Wonkers  sound bite that was crazy and it made sense.  Anyway, that’s my 2 cents and I hope real Hip Hop heads check these dudes out.


One Response to “Lil Wanye is Not the best rapper from the N.O.”

  1. All these new ass nikkas…shit, Weezy wasn’t even the best in the Hot Boyz. it went Juvenile, BG (when he wasn’t on drugs) Weezy, then Turk (God bless the lil’ nikka, he’s doing a bid now). Straight up. Let me go check out these electrolytes and current events, or whatever the fuck their names are. Drewzee…out.

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