It’s Never Enough……

Hey ladies and gentlemen, how are your doing during post-xmas madness going on in our beloved country?  Well, let me tell you what I was thinking while standing in line to buy un-necessary things for undeserving children.  I was thinking of slappin’ the shit outta the people in front of me.  I won’t give any information as to what gender or race they were, let’s just say that’s sprung the name of the title post, see above.  I have come to a harsh reality that whatever we do in our lives, it will never be enough to satisfy the people.  In other words, you can’t make everyone like you or even make their tired asses happy.  In the words of Mr. Crazy ass “Katt William” (Pssss, Katt I hope your ass done came down off that shit you smoked) “If you only got 10 haters in your life right now, you should try and get 20 by the end of the summer” not in so many words, but you know what I’m saying.  People now-a-days are crazy, kids included.  With their ungrateful ass.  Whooooo, sometimes I just want to smack the shit outta some of these kids.  Oh, and yes I whip’s ass, I gets down on the floor,baby.  Let me tell you, spare the rod, spoil the child.  Not only are we spoiling the shit outta these little fuckers (Lord forgive me) we are letting them get away with hella shit we know we woulda got our ass beat for.   What happen to Big Mamma, Nana and Grand Daddy, ya’ll.  Remember Nana and Big Mamma use to get your ass with that ran down ass house slipper that hurt like hell, but looked she had been stopping cars with her house shoes on.  Remember switches (I know what you intelligent folks is thinking, too damn smart for your on good), not light switches on/off shits, you simple ass people, but tree switches that they told your ass to go pull of the tree in the front yard.  Yeaaaaaah, I know for a fact that I ain’t only smart ass that went pulled the smallest one of the tree, comes to find out that those little motherfucker hurts the most.

Well, anyway back to what I was saying, what happen to the good old days when people cared about other people, when nieghbohrs looked out for one another.

Hold, up wait a second.  This just in and I quote “Woman’s groups MIFFED at Obama” , see told ya’ll.  It ain’t never going to be enough.  Look this man ain’t even president yet and he got the 2 groups in America you don’t want mad at you,already mad at him.  The gays and the woman, hell looks like he’s black after all.  Oooooo, ok, ok that was a low below, but if I could one of these group to boycot my blog that would be the shit.  Keep’em reading, keep’em.  Boy, the next 4 years are going to be some shit.  These people have lost their damn minds, hell I bet a lot of them are still trying to wake to see of this shit is real.  Well, I’m here to tell ya, it’s real motherfuckers, but I don’t think it’s nothing to be bragging about.  Hell, with the amount of shit President Obama will have to go through, I don’t know if it will even be worth it.  It’s never enough, though.  His cabinet choice looks like a damn club scene in San Francisco and still people are finding things to be pissed about.  Ok, here’s ya’ll chance, just come out and say the shit.  You don’t like his ass because he’s black…..  What you say about my momma?  Say it, say it… you know you want to say it, chicken shit’s.  You don’t like him cause he’s black and a Muslim.  LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Simple minded dumb shits.  Peace!

P.S.  If you are any way offended by this, I don’t give a shit, that’s why I wrote it.  I’m still LAUGHING MY MOTHERFUCKING ASS OFF, hell yeah. SWEET!

Maybe after this x-mas shit is over, I’ll be alittle more calm.  Until then eat, drink and be merry.


One Response to “It’s Never Enough……”

  1. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, fuck a woman’s group!!! Fuck a punk ass man’s group. Fuck a gay’s group. Fuck ’em all. They all get together, and essentially alienate themselves as a result. While the rest of the world is left catering to people who bring their differences to the forefront. Bitch, my left ball hangs lower than my right, you don’t see me starting no shit. SMH Bra burning broads can get the fuck on with their ugly asses. Gays can go continue to do really weird shit like be a man, dress like a woman, grow breasts, then get with a woman ho has a pussy, but no tits. Ya’ll win. I’m outtie 5 billion on that note. And pussy as men running around acting like chumps, that’s why we have all these other groups now. LOL. I’m kind of joking.

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