What’s your Definition of High Sex Drive?

I got a quick question for ya’ll and it’s in the title, don’t feel like writing it again.  My definition is pretty straight forward and to the point.  Here it is, if you are in a relationship your sex drive should be around 4-8 time a month.  The reason for this rate of getting sum is because you don’t want to burn out and be looking for something else to bang because you are now bored to death of sex with your partner.  Also, this ROS (rate of sex) enables both parties to use their imaginations and keep the relationship fresh.  That breaks down to about twice a week.  Not bad, unless you a nympho or something and your like, “this dude is hard up”.

Now if you’re not in a relationship the skies the limit and you should get as much ass as (pun intended) you fucking possibly can.  The beautiful thing about this is that you don’t have to keep it fresh, you don’t have to look at this person all the time and best of all if you end up being with this person they will already know that you can fuck like a raging mad rabbit and GET HER DONE!!!!!!!!!

Now that’s some shit to smile and laugh about, Peace.  Let me know what  you think.



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