There’s a Crackhead in Everyone’s Family

What’s up my people, haven’t post anything in a while so I thought I’d give it a try.  Nothing much been going on except being thankful I have a job.  Did you know 2.4 million people in America lost their jobs in 2008.  500,000 plus just in the month of November.  Now that’s some serious shit and no laughing matter until you look at the title of this blog.  Something else that I think may go hand-to-hand with the rising unemployment rates.  Gun and ammunition sales are up as well.  I wonder why, some people say Obama is going to take their arms away, but in reality I think he’s more concerned about putting this country back on track and getting us through this recession that we have been in for over a year and a half.

Damn, I sho’ll got to hand it to the government and Big Business, they will ride that damn thing (like I rode my first car) until the wheels fall off or the Auto industry caskets drop.

Can you get a load of the the Big 3 begging for some bail out after there the ones who got us in this situation in the first place.  Well, it’s not all their fault, the Bush admin had a lot to do with it too and the greed of everyone involved once they found out they could ship the jobs that were making 60-100k annually over seas for a fraction of the cost of living here in the States.  So not only did they get paid for sending the jobs overseas with tax breaks, lower cost of living and then turning around and selling those same cheaply made cars to us for retail prices (cold bastards) and they want a bail out.  If it wasn’t for what’s left of the industry (the reminding Americans still working for the Auto Industry) I would say fuck’em and feed’em fish because that’s exactly what they’ve done to us for nearly 10 years and became fat rats in the process.

Now on to my title, don’t lie you know everyone has one, hell even Stevie Wonder has crackheads in his family, but isn’t the Financial, Housing and Auto industry just like them damn Crackheads.  They come steal your shit and then try to sale it back to you or ask you for something else after they have robbed your ass blind.  It’s like a neighbor coming and asking to barrow your vacuum cleaners and then 4 mouths down the line their trying to sale you your own shit or you have to barrow it back, not knowing it’s yours in the first place.  Trifling shit.  I want to write about funny stuff, but ain’t shit funny now-a-days.  This shit is getting real, very fast and before long it’s going to be too late and the damn Chinese won’t be able to afford our asses because they got their own damn crisis going.  That’s bad when you looking for you competitor to bail you out and they be like “shit……. we fucked up too”.


One Response to “There’s a Crackhead in Everyone’s Family”

  1. Bail these nutz out! LMAO. Fucking with you. It’s a long, long conversation. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. A hell of a conundrum. I’ll tell you one thing though; the ‘gub-ment’ ain’t coming to bail none of our black asses out of anything. Get in where you fit in, and pray for the best. Damn.

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