It’s Looking Very Promising!

Ok, I don’t know if I let you guys know, but I was wondering that if Obama were to win the election what would he do with the grassroots supports he communicated with over the Internet?  Well, that question has been answered and welcome CHANGE.GOV where the president-elect administration has made a good efford in keeping his word.  From what I have seen, President-Elect Obama is a man of integrity and he has started to process of completing what he promised to the people who has support him and the ones who will benefit even if they didn’t vote for him because this is America and here anything is possible.  From the outset, President-Elect Obama transition process is well planned and humbling, meaning he’s not trying to step on the toes of out going administration, but at the same time he’s preparing to take over a country in decline as a result of that same out going administration.  With that being said I can’t wait until we can stop calling him President-Elect and just call him my PRESIDENT (latter is too freaking long).  Plus, I can’t wait so he can start taking control and sterring this country back in the right direction.


One Response to “It’s Looking Very Promising!”

  1. Say word. I know that’s right. That’s the man right there…

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