Historic Times

Mr. President

Mr. President

Hey everyone, I hope yall got to view the post before this one, with the video of MLK Jr.  Classic and so forthcoming and straight to the point, I would say.  What that man said 51 years ago, held true to the 4th of November 2008.  We all have seen some historic events happen in our lifetime, some more than others, but 2 nights ago we all shared a moment in time that has connected us as a people, a community and as a society.  Generations of struggle and strife, hope and despair and visions of change all came to fruition on that night.  The night we as Americans said enough with the old and in with the new way of thinking and taking action.  This night was a call to the masses that if you really believe in something, take hold to it and see it through.  If you can believe, then you can definitely achieve your goals in life.  I know you’re saying what in the hell is he talking about?  Hope, the audacity of hope has changed our lives forever and forever will be burned into the history of this society until the end of times.  I feel so grateful and full of ambition, motivation and determination right now that I don’t know what to do with myself.  Not that I didn’t have any before now, this moment has solidified it in so many unimaginable ways, it’s crazy.  Now I can look at my kids and let them know that they truly have a chance to be whatever they want to be and really mean it.  Really have a strong hold of that belief.

So much has to be done to get us where we once were as a society, but do we want to go back to where we were?  Do we want to go back to something so imperfect as that?  I don’t think so, we need to get on board and ride this train called Change to new uncharted territory.  Set new visions for ourselves and do thing we know we as Americans are capable achieving.  The horizon isn’t far off, but as you can see with hard work and a common goal a lot can be accomplished.

Check out my pic’s from the election party down at Jack London Square with me and family.  Had a wonderful time and Avant and Latoya London performed very, very well.  Thanks to the city of Oakland for allowing us to celebrate and have a good time  (isn’t that a song or something, LMAO)


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