Death to Auto-Tune and the Voice Coder

I must say that I hate the fact that in this day and age things come full circle.  The use of auto-tune and voice coders to change ones voice during the singing or rapping of a song should have die with (and I really hate to say this) Roger Troutman.  See, he was the innovator who used those devices to make songs that are still to this day, the shit.  Computer Love, More Bounce and Al’ Right.  Even if he did bite it from someone else, he made his shit fresh and new, plus the sound was incredible.  Back in the glory years of Hip Hop late 70’s to late 90′ (Yeah I’m bunching them all together) if you bit someones style, you got dealt with on the mic.  You were banished from the masses and regard as a bitter (which was a terrible thing).  Now-a-days if you bite someone style no one seems to notice it.  Like it’s been overlooked, making it acceptable in the hip hop community.  These are the changing of times now, no one has there own style everyone is the same.  No one wants to be different, everyone is saying and doing the same things.  Why has it become so natural for people to be fakes, biters and replicas?  Hip Hop get your style back, stop swagger jockin and come anew.  Old head (Old School Hip Hop artist and fans) stop hatin and let these new dudes in if they are bringing something new to the table.

The new generation of rappers have some bright futures ahead of them if they can form their own opinions and style.  What we have to understand and accept is that everything does come full circle about say…. every 20 years.  I have lived long enough to witness at least two times in my life where fashion and style has come back.  Now is the era of the 80’s and that was the shit.  Everything is going back to then when hip hop was first being put on a national level and Run DMC, Kool Moe d, LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, Fat Boys, Kool G Rap, Heavy D and the Boys, Whodini, Dougie Fresh and Slick Rick, and Big Daddy Kane was making their way, laying the yellow brick road for the next generation.  That was a good time, but it’s is now up to the new generation who got there swag from the old generation to take it and run with it, but always know where you came from.  People like Kid Cudi (this dude is the truth), Curren$y (my personal favorite), Ced Hughes (What Up Tho classic), The Cool Kids (str8ght 80’s babies) and Pac Div (West Side Hyro’s), man the list can go on and on.  The kids have been putting in the work and I must say that if the music is cool and the style is there own let them be and let them lay there own foundations and change this hip hop shit to what it is capable of being, CLASSIC MUSIC THAT CHANGES THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.  Did ya’ll notice how I didn’t start my first post of the day with election shit. Holla at ya boi.

Group of the Future

Group of the Future

To find out who these kids are click here


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