Setting the Stage…..

Good day my peoples, today I’m going to talk/write about an article I read on CNN, here’s the link so you can follow me

They are setting the Stage for something big to happen.  It can only happen 1 of 2 ways, either Barack Obama will win in a landslide victory which will be a great time and a historic moment in American history or McBush will beat him out by the slimmest of margins and the possibility of the Republicans stealing another election will become an reality.  You can see the platform being set from just reading the news.  In the above article they are letting us know there could be some problems with the voting machines that are being use is certain parts of the country, why.  Why would they lend any doubt to a political system that is already suspect?

Riddle me this, if the basic fundamental service (the way we cast our vote ) of our political system is flawed and the basic principles of this country are being manipulated, what does that say about Democracy as a whole?  It’s telling me that it’s alright to lie, cheat, steal and defamation of character is to be expected and no one will be held accountable for the injustices against the very Constitution we hold to be self evident.  Not only are we turning the other cheek, but we are also turning a blind eye to our basic beliefs.  The beliefs we as Americans have held on to for centuries, some longer than others, but still the fact remains to be true.  People have fought and die for this country and for their beliefs in this country.  We have not all fought the same fight, some have even fought against one another for what they believe in.  However, we still fought for our beliefs, our freedoms and our equalities.  I just want to know when did we become complacent with the wrongs and injustices going on in our nation?  When did we start to accept the unacceptable.  This is not the country that is in the history books, this is not the country who fought for it’s independence from England, this is not the country who men fought against their own brothers in the name of freedom during the Civil War, this is not the country who fought through two Wold Wars in order to correct the wrongs in other parts of the world.  This is not that country, oh how soon we have forgot the true nature and sprite of this once great nation.  Whose people  gave their lives for what they truly believed in.  What happen to that country, did democracy pacify us to the end of self knowledge and worth?  Did all the corruption burn negative images into our collective minds that no matter what we do it won’t change anything.  Did all the drugs let into our society dumb us down to the point of ripping the courage and determination from our collective souls and pushing the button of shut down, get down and lie down.   IS THIS IT, IS THIS ALL I HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO.  Tupac Shakur once said that “I might not be the one who changes the world, but I might spark the mind that does”.  Tell me what you think?


3 Responses to “Setting the Stage…..”

  1. Cal Wellander, Saugus, Ca. Says:

    Exactly what I’ve been thinking for weeks, I feel like we’re being setup for mcbush winning the election !

  2. I'm right your wrong Says:

    Get real buddy…vote fraud and voting machine problems have always favored the democrats (example: It was proven that dead people’s votes were still counted that allowed JFK to win in illinois which gave him the presidency). If anything, voting machine problems are geared to help obama aka ACORN manager.

  3. Oh, I’m very real my friend and just to think you have the nerve to use an example from 40 years ago. Here’s a more recent example, 2000 Presidential election when your buddy Bush and his republican thugs stole the election by placing registered voters on the felony list in the state of Florida to prevent a huge number of democrats from voting, but here’s the kicker most the voters on that list weren’t felons. Freaking cheaters!!!!!!!!

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