Tells to be Told……

Well, hello beautiful people.  TGIF and time to get off work (sorry for those who have to work the full 8 hours, suck to be you).  Anyway, I have been thinking a lot lately and trying to figure out how could I make a living on Web 2.0 (Google it),  and as I have been doing research on my wants and desires, I have also been researching a whole allotment of other things on the Internet, as well.  Google is my friend, my confidant, my fortune teller.  Google was the best invention after the Internet itself.  Google will keep you inform, up to date and help you see the future.  With all that being said as with any research people have to read, take notes and comprehend what they are reading in a reasonable amount of time.  That’s brings me to the topic of this post, it has been said and I quote “If you want to keep anything away from the niggas, place it in a book”.  Outright lie, that goes without saying, to some extend it’s true because some people don’t like reading. Don’t matter if you’re white, black, purple or green.  People just don’t like to read, but to generalize a group of people like that is totally wrong.  With that being said, I truly believe power is in knowledge and I wasn’t the one to always pick up a book and read, in fact I hated it and I hated English (thanks to my 7th grade teacher Ms. Yee, she was a cold piece).

However, as I grew and went to college and for some strange reason English is a requirement and I realized that if you read what you were assigned and did your work, you would get a passing grade.  What people don’t realize is that 95% of the time reading is the way of life, if you can’t read you will have a hell of a time getting through life.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m no literary poet or anything, shit from my post you can see I’m no writing genius, but I can comprehend and express myself in a effective way through writing.  I related this message to all kids I come in contact with.  I explain that reading is the battle and the war is being able to communicate and express ones self out here in the world.  Once again Knowledge is Power, Baby


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