Buggin Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top of the day to yall’s (I know yall’s is a combination of like 3 words) totally incorrect.  Anyway what’s going on with everyone, hope everything is good for you.  Check this out, I thought I would just drop a couple of lines since I haven’t posted anything in about a week.  Do you know what I’ve noticed, when I’m acting a complete fool and going off, ranting and completely showing you how much of an ass I can be is when I get the most visitors to my blog…oops our blog, because you know I’m here for you. 🙂  Yeah, that’s crazy I guess people enjoy reading about my opinions on current events and shit.  Most of the recent stuff has been about the election, the ignorant republicans and their supporters.  Man, did ya’ll see the SNL with that Palin woman.  Whoa!!!!!  It’s not the fact that she was on the show, but the rap ol’ girl did was exactly how Palin thinks.  All of it, if you haven’t notice by now she’s a totally a redneck’s wife.  I’m telling you, check this out these are the things she does in her spare time: hunting (mostly moose), fishing, camping, partying with under age minors, approving of her teenage daughters pregnancy, partying in a swim suite carrying a rifle with under age kids at the party and can’t forget dressing up like a lady of the night and I’m not talking about a damn blood sucker (or am I…Hmmmmm).  Does this sound like a person who should be the next Vice President?  No….. sounds like a person who lives in a trailer home in Pine Bluff, AR.

Thirteen days before the most historical event in world history and we are really worried about the man most prepared for the position getting beat by an old geezer and his bottom chick (you know I wanted to say something else).  Any who, we are in for a hell of a time.  I hear people say that their not voting for Obama because he’s black and that he can’t save us anyway.  Well, in the words of Most Def and I quote “We can’t depend on another person to do for us what WE should be doing for ourselves”.  Shouts out to Most Def, he put on a hell of show in West Oakland over the weekend (Although I got there late and I think I missed my favorite sound “Undeniable”, damn).  However, we should be trying to make a change and the best way to do that is to start at the top, baby.  Yeah…… let’s get this shit crackin.

Note to self about another post I want to do: 40 acres and a mule, apologies and reparations.  Hmmmmmmmm, I know yall thinking “blacks always want something for free”, which makes me LMAO (laugh my ass off) and in response I’d tell yall to KMA (KISS MY ASS).  Peace and don’t be a fool, voting is COOL.

Damn I’m good, I just made that up.


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