Propaganda at It’s Best

It’s a sad day and age in America right now because in the 2008 year of our Lord Jesus Christ we are still dealing with some of the same values, beliefs and out-right lies this county was build on.  White folks have been justifying their actions since the beginning of it all by making sure they use Christianity as the reasoning behind their way of thinking.  However, sometimes they use blatant lies to put fear into the masses.

It’s a sad day and age when people would rather vote for president who they know will run this country further into the ground, than a person who wants to help raise a his country back up.  They would rather be like a broken down dog and eat their own vomit, than make a change.  This is crazy, in a way I hope Obama doesn’t win because these crazy ass people out here will definitely try to hurt him.  Look what the did to their own folks Abraham Lincoln and JFK.  What you think they will do to someone who they felt has disrespected them just by running for the presidency and won.  Yeah, they feel like who do this Niggra think he is, like the same way they felt about MLK because they thought he felt he was better than them because of his progressive thinking and all, you know wanting the same civil rights as every free man in this country.

The funny thing is not all white people feel that way about Obama because they know what’s going on out here, their judgment is not clouded by racism and things of that nature.  Progressive thinking folks tend to know how to rationalize and say to themselves that “hey, how much worst can it be if he wins”.  American people are losing right now and have been since 2008 when WE let the Bush Administration steal the election, when WE let the Bush Administration tell us lie after lie about 9-11, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Iraq, Afghanistan and the War on Terrorism.  Only to turn around in 2004 and vote Bush back in again to see the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.  WE the American people brought this upon ourselves and WE are about to do it again.

When will people remove that cloudy judgment and stop listening to the propaganda machine that is spewing out lies about a man who wants to turn this country around and make life better for everyone.  I know it all remains to be seen, but I would rather take my chances with a nobody than a person with a negative track record who has shown us over and over again that he doesn’t care about the average person because if he did he would not have been voting with the current administration 90% of the time.


IGNORANCE at it’s best, the funny thing about this clip is that everyone of the folks are regurgitating what was given to them and not doing any background check, just taking thing for face value.  Sound like the last 8 years to me.  However, when you here anything come out of Obama’s camp it tends to be facts that have been proven.


2 Responses to “Propaganda at It’s Best”

  1. I just want to cry….people still act this way? there’s a poll about the last debate if anyone wishes…

  2. Not that it is a surprise that people think that way, it is just astonishing how much this nation is screaming for an opportunity to experience life from a different vantage point. For as wrong as it is, there are Blacks who are secluded and have strong comments about white people, Latinos and so on and so forth. Ignorance, fostered by appropriately targeted propaganda, results in the comments made by the individuals in the clip above. Just because Blacks can vote now hardly makes this country as progressive as it should be. Nice website and good info. Can you add me to your blogroll and I can return the favor? Be cool and keep the info flowing.

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