Yeah! I’m Back on It!!!!!!

Ok, yes I’m back on that shit, but this is an informational I thought I would get out there being so out cut off date for registering to vote is October 20.  For all the felons out there or people who know felons, please inform them of their right to vote and there possibility of being able to vote in this very, very important election.  According to the law in the great state of California you can register to in any election if:

Be a citizen of the United States;

Here’s the source Link

So, for all those people that uses a felony as an excuse not to carry their asses down there to exercises their American right to vote are in direct violation of there civil rights and a couple of Constitution Amendments as well.  Tell everyone you know, tell them it’s all right to go down and vote, they will not be arrested or searched.  Please express that they cannot be in jail for a felony at the time of voting (so don’t go getting your silly self arrested) nor can they be on parole for a felony.  And if they still don’t want to go, please explain to them that you don’t want to here any negative comments coming out of their mouths talking about how the country is all messed up and things are so hard.  If you what to find out the voting requirements for your state please check with you State Secretary or State website and get the specifics.


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