We Now Know What Women Want…..

Well at least what white women want. A woman in office, don’t matter President or VP, white woman want a woman in office.  According to survey Senator McCain had a 20% point turnaround against Senator Obama among white women in America.  After McCain made his choice for VP not only did he get a convention bounce being down 8 points before the GOP, but now has a 12 point lead on Obama after the GOP.  What all that really says is a couple of things.  First, this Presidential race is not about the issues we as Americans are facing each and everyday, it’s not about the economy, it’s not about the housing market, it’s not about the highest unemployment rate in 30 years.  It’s all about race and gender.  Period, point blank, no questions asked.  The Republican party are not tackling the problems Americans are facing and they are definitely not offering any solutions, oh yeah wait… Iraq for 100 years and drilling in wildlife protected areas of the world.

I have come to a very sad conclusion, it would be safe to say that the American people would rather run this country into the ground before electing a blackman (or whatever they are calling him today).  However, I can’t put all the fault on the Republican party, Obama has to take some blame as well.  His mother should have taught him about a woman being scorn.  Whaoooooo Weeeeeeee!!!!!!!  The followers of Clinton are bitter and are going to have the last laugh and I don’t blame McCain on picking a woman becuase he just pick up 50% of the 18 millions votes Obama left on the table when he didn’t choose Clinton as a running mate.  Big, huge freaking mistake Barack.  When I reflect on Obama’s campainge the only mistake he has made will more than likely cost him the White House.  Hell, he would have been better off chosing Michelle to be his VP, because she has the same amount of experince as Palin.  Here’s the article from Time:

Can Obama Win Back Wal-Mart Moms?


4 Responses to “We Now Know What Women Want…..”

  1. I don’t really understand it…I’ve been frustrated lately with it all (if you can tell by my blog) but I do fault Barack for not choosing Hillary, because this is a popularity contest, and a sideshow…The issues are secondary to people’s biases and individual agendas. People are voting their gender and race this time around. I like to tell people who don’t want to elect a black man as president to vote for his white side. With Rove on McCain’s campain, and a fiesty competitive dominant white woman who uses religion to push her agenda (and a mother of five no less) on his side, he has effectively given Barack Obama a run for his money. The Obama camp had better catch up. Oh, and Palin’s been using the “sex card” claiming that everyone from the media, Obama is sexist, and has created a double standard etc…the f*$! outta here. Dirty politics and mudslinging.

  2. hey girl, i know, i know they are killing us right. Damn shame too. However, these polls don’t mean shit unless you letting them sway you one way or another. When November come around this piece, we going to paint the white house black


  4. Check out What White Women Want – Election 2008, a courageous new investigation by my colleague Dolly Deadline at http://www.whatwhitewomenwant.com/

    As you probably know, Caucasian females are expected to play a crucial and possibly determining role in the election and thus the future of our nation. Dolly explores this phenomenon by interviewing an assorted group of white women and inviting them to blog about their concerns and hopes for our troubled country.

    Striking in similarity yet as diverse as their desires, these white women fascinate with their insights and observations. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

    Michael Collins

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