We are in trouble, people.

Hello all, I have been on a little vacation from my blog here lately, as you can tell.  I’ve been just doing searches on stuff, viewing others blogs and things of that nature, you know chillin’.  Well, I came across a couple of articles about Police brutality that’s going on across America right now as we speak.  We are in a state of emergency people.  Specifically speaking to the minorities of this county.  If you didn’t think that you were under attack years ago, you better wake up and smell the coffee and see the reality of it all.  The good ol’ boys are losing, so they think.  They feel they are losing what they have had a grasp of for hundreds of years and that’s the power they had over everything in their domain.  Look, everything is falling apart: the government, the church, society as a whole. People are losing their minds, not only the U. S., but the world over.  The majority will try their best to hold on to the last bit of power, respect and money by making matters worse.  I want you to look at the attached videos for me and I want you to leave your comments, explaining your feelings.  We are under attack, if Obama wins the election I will one of the happiest people in the world be cause I lived to see the day a Blackman (oh come on, all the years before Barack, if you had any black in you you were considered black.  Now that a blackman has a chance to make a positive wave in history he has all kinds of things in him) become president.  Yeah I said it, see people kill me never wanting to own up to the facts of history, like slavery, genocide and the raping and pillaging didn’t even take place in this beautiful county of ours.  It’s amazing how quickly one forgets it past.  Anyhow, there could be a huge backlash from this very distinct and prominent time in history to the point where madmen take to the streets and form mobs of angry men who just lost everything they had control of for 500-600 years.  Let’s think about it for a minute, do you think the found fathers would have thought in a million and one years that the country they built would be led by a blackman, for that matter did Abramham Lincoln think that?  Hell to the naw, ain’t now way in hell because blacks were viewed as not even being human beings, that was their way to justify their actions towards the slaves.  So tell me, how would you feel if you were King over something for all that time and you were forced to allow someone who YOU felt was beneath you, rule the Kingdom you built?  What would you do, hell King Herod killed all the first born male babies (look it up), ummmm the Great Depression: the majority of them lost their damned minds because they weren’t use to the circumstances (STRUGGLING is what it’s called in the hood).  People were killing themselves, jumping out of skyscraper, killing up their families and all kinds of craziness.  Oh snap, what happen after the Civil War ended,  they lost their damned minds.  If you were a slave and if you didn’t get your ass out the south fast, quick and in a hurry after the Civil War you caught hell.  Just think about that for a second, there are many more times in history and in the bible where Kings and nations were on the forefront of CHANGE and look at lead up and after affects of those CHANGES.  See, what people don’t understand is that CHANGE is good, but a lot of people can’t handle that CHANGE.  People be too set in their ways and can’t see the forest through the trees and in the words of P Diddy, “you better cut those trees down to get the view you want.”  So be careful folks, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and there are a lot of traps that have been set for us.  Watch you surroundings and the things that are happening in your lives.

*******PLEASE VIEW THIS VIDEO***********************



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