Old Heads stand up

Hey my peoples, how’s everyone doing.  I’m just coming back from a long week.  Went to L.A. last weekend and had a great time with my real folks.  I know, I been kickin it a little hard lately and that’s O.K. because no one is going to have fun for you.  You got to go, if you have the means to do so.  Do you know I know there are people who have never been outside of the county they live in right now.  Meaning, they have ventured out of the vicinity of their own home and that’s really sad.  Anyway, back to L.A., it was great and exciting.  Very different from The Bay, but it’s something I can’t quite put my finger on yet.  This was my 2nd time going there, the first time I was a senior in high and I went for a college trip to all the colleges of So-Cal.  So, it was chaperoned and planned out by the folks who took us, therefore meaning I couldn’t go site seeing and shit.  Which was pretty messed up being so, I did pretty much everything back in The Bay as a teenager.  You know like get into bars and clubs and all.  Anyhow, I had to abided by the rules and didn’t do nothing stupid and plus I didn’t want anything getting back to my mom, whoa that would have been bad.  I remember one time back in band camp….. Naw, just playing with cha to see if you are still awake.  For real tho, I remember one time I was about 14-15 years old and my moms have always been very strict, but not all that over-protective over me, my best friend and I went to the City, he was from the Genva Towers Projects, but he lived in the West side of Oakland at this time with me.  So, we went to go kick over there and all in the real projects, right with out my moms knowing where I was at.  Shit, let me tell you about the Towers, that was the most scariest shit I have every seen.  I have been in alot of non-desirable places in my younger years and I could because I didn’t start trouble, I stay to myself and check the seen out, you know kept to myself and I didn’t know back then, but I was living off other people prayers.  The Towers though was on some other level shit.  It reminded me of the projects in Chicago and New York.  People everywhere, crackheads, wino’s, gang bangers, dope dealers and kids all out just do their thing, whatever it my be.  To say the least, I didn’t feel comfortable at all.  Too much going on and to top it off someone my mom knew seen me and to this day I never knew who it was.  Well, I finally made it home safely and I was shook to the point I tried to act all bad around my folks, but I told myself I’m never going over there again (but you know I did).  The next day my moms said “What were you doing in the Genva Towers in the city” I bout shitted myself, but I played it cool because for some reason she knew when I was lying and I was the type of kids that if I knew I was wrong, I would admit to that shit and would get it over with really quick whether it was an ass whipping or punishment, plus she would know I was lying and that when I would get both.  Damn, she was cold with it.  Anyway, I lied and took my chances because that would have been an beating I would have remembered for a long time and I would have been on punishment for the whole summer (was not having that one).  Now that I think on it I knew she knew that I was over there, but for some reason she gave me a pass.  The coldest part of it all was that she never told me who snitched on me, til this day I don’t know who it was.  That just goes to show you you never know who knows you.  I think the reason she didn’t push it was I did hella good in school that year and she knew I was an outside kid, you know I would stay outside all day and night long and if didn’t have to come home I wouldn’t.  Shit for most of my summers in Jr and Sr. high school I stayed at my best freinds house all the time.  Well, right now I’m listening to RUN DMC Greatest hits and ol’school music have a way of taking me back to my childhood and I can remember everything at that point in time.  The funny thing is, I can keep writing about my childhood because it was good and bad, but that’s another blog.


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