4th of July in Las Vegas

Yeah I know, Vegas two times within a month.  I’m not a drunk nor have I a gambling problem if you’re wondering.  Anyways, this trip was for the BOYS (Grow Ass Men) who haven’t seen each other and kick’d it since the college days of  1992-96.  So, long time coming right, right…. Duck, Pismo, CJ and myself had a freaking ball, my boy CJ popped a rubber band and did his thang, thang.  Man, I had a great ass time, here are some of things we done while in Vegas: first day we went to the shooting range (hell yeah boy shit, but women like it, too) We shot .357, .45’s 40 cal and an AR-15 machine gun (yeah Vegas got it like that), they had plenty other guns please believe that.  We spent the 4th at the racing track where my boys almost got into a fist fight over who won and who got lapped, but it was all on best time and from our group big head CJ got it and let us know about it (sorry Pismo, correct me if I’m wrong).  Anyway, I think we went out on the 4th, I’m not sure because of all the fun and drinking, but I’m not a drunk (yeah right), we kick’d it in the LAX nightclub which was cool, but being so I truely believe we were the only black dudes in the club, they decided to mess with the one of the coolest dudes up in the joint (Pismo).  So, that pretty much soured the night, I don’t know maybe it was us and not understanding the Vegas night life or something.  One of the most exciting and provocative experiences was when we went to see Cirque du Soleil Mystere.  That shit was freaking amazing, they were doing things I have never saw before and truth be told it inspired me…. no not to be a acrobat or a ballerina , but to be more creative and to have an open mind about certain things, especially thing I don’t understand or know about.  It was defiantly a hand full, but I think we had a great time and I would like to thanks my boys for coming and giving me one of the greatest times I had in about a month (Remember I just came back from Vegas).  Naw, on the real it was trill man and I enjoyed you fools.  Here’s some pic’s, I know yall going to be mad, but WHATEVER!!!!!


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