Crabs in a barrel!!!!!

For those of you that don’t know what that analogy means, let me be of aide to you.  “Crabs in a barrel” is an analogy that’s is meant for a person or group of people who let envy, greed and deceit overcome them to the point of bringing harm to others because of their success.  Point at hand, the comments Jesse Jackson made on Fox News (of all places) about Barack Obama saying that he (Barack) and I quote “talks down to black people” and Jackson want to “cut his nuts off”.  Ummmmm, what the hell are you talking about supposed Black Civil Right icon, have you lost your mind with old age.  Isn’t civil equality what you  were suppose to be fighting for back in the day with MLK and the movement?  Wouldn’t Obama being elected as President be the height of this equality?  Ohhhhh, I get it you were just there to ride to coat tail of the movement and MLK popularity and kindness at the time because correct me if I’m wrong, but you haven’t did anything for the movement since MLK got shot and they start pushing drugs into the hood destroying any movement whether civil, spiritual or partial.  What happen, you had your opportunity to be like MLK, but you decided to talk down to blacks by rapping your speeches and taking away ‘from your people’.

OK, Ok, my fault I totally forgot what I was trying to say…..ummmm yeah, I feel as if Jesse Jackson is envious of what Obama has accomplished as the Democratic Presindential Nominee.  He has accomplished something you never could and you feel lonely and betrayed by it.  The things is Mr. Jackson, Obama doesn’t talk down to blacks, he inspires PEOPLE and gives hope to all, not just blacks.  That’s the differnece between the both of you and come to think of if the differnece between you and MLK.

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